weekly schedule pad- oh! what a week!

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Necessity truly is the MOTHER of invention! 

After a nice, relaxing summer..."back to school" really hit me hard this year. With two full time work schedules and two kids in elementary school, my family really needed something to clarify the chaos of our day-to-day lives.  While the Monthly calendar is nice at a glance & helps with long term plans, the WEEKLY schedule pad with its customizable days of the week, has become a NECESSITY for the daily ongoings with my busy family of 4. Each Sunday I fill up the blank columns of the 7 days ahead, tear it off and mount it in FULL VIEW on our fridge so there are no more excuses! As the week goes on, the columns are cluttered with library books to return, playdates & sporting events, travel dates, "date nights" (rare!) and more. It will always be in clear view for all of us to see and add to.  Some people might choose to pin it to a corkboard or tape each week to the front door! Wherever you hang it, I hope you never again hear the words, "what do we have going on tonight?" 

dimensions 17” x 11”
sheets 36
set of 1