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April 15th!

Our team is preparing a new collection for you!

Get organized with the LifePlanner™️, the best all-in-one weekly planner, monthly calendar, and journal for just 17¢/day.

Customize it with new designs, stickers, and options for productivity, goal setting, and time management. Perfect for everyday organization!

  • Thick 80 Lb. Mohawk Paper (Resists Ink Bleeding)
  • 12-Month 2023-2024 Dated Monthly Calendars
  • Includes Stickers, Notes & Productivity Pages with To-Do Lists & More
  • 4 Weekly Planner Layouts & 4 Interior Design Options
  • 2 Size Options: A5 or 7" x 9"
  • Personalize Your Planner Cover & Choose Your Coil Color
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Frequently Asked Questions

A life planner is an organizational tool that helps you organize your time, manage your tasks, achieve your goals, and live a fuller, more meaningful life through organization. It can be used to track your daily, weekly, and monthly commitments, as well as your long-term goals. The Erin Condren life planner is the original trademarked LifePlanner™ and best-selling everything planner – an all-in-one calendar, checklist, and journal.

The Erin Condren LifePlanner™ is an original, high-quality, highly customizable everything planner with over three million sold. Known for its proven layouts, stylish designs, personalization options, premium paper, and variety of fun and functional features, the LifePlanner™ is designed to help you reach your goals and bring more organization and joy to each day.

  • Best Everything Planner: The ULTIMATE all-in-one calendar, checklist, and journal for organizing everything in your life (including your thoughts – download them onto paper and DO something with them; the possibilities are endless).
  • Highest Quality: All spiral LifePlanners are hand-coiled in the USA and built to last with proven layouts, designer details, and top-notch materials.
  • Most Customizable: Choose your planner size and binding, your cover and interior design, and customize your perfect planner.
  • It Works: Don't take our word for it! Here’s what LifePlanner™ customers had to say in our 2023 survey:
    • 99% said it helps them organize their life.
    • 98% said it brings them joy.
    • 96% said it helps them see the bigger picture and plan ahead.
    • 95% said it helps them be more productive.
    • 93% said it helps them reduce stress.
    • 91% said it helps them with time management.
  • Best Overall Value: Invest in your own productivity for just 18¢ a day.

To learn more about what makes the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ so popular and effective, check out the Science Behind the LifePlanner™. Erin Condren FAQs.

Life planners can be used by anyone who wants to get more organized and achieve their goals. This includes professionals, parents, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, and more. The Erin Condren LifePlanner™ is particularly popular with those who want to get more done with a calendar, checklist, and journal in one.

There are many benefits to using a life planner, including:

  • Increased Productivity: Life planners can help you stay organized and on track, which can lead to increased productivity.
  • Reduced Stress: Life planners can help you reduce stress by giving you a place to write down all of your tasks and commitments.
  • Improved Time Management: Life planners can help you learn how to manage your time more effectively.
  • Goal Setting and Achievement: Life planners can help you set and achieve your goals by providing you with a place to track your progress and identify any obstacles that you may be facing.

The best weekly planners include weekly planning pages, monthly calendar spreads, a yearly planning spread, a goal-setting section, ample note pages for journaling and all your writing needs, monthly productivity sections for tracking your progress, habits, goals, and more.

The top-selling original Erin Condren Weekly LifePlanner™ includes all of the above and more, including pages of decorative and functional planning stickers, a double-sided pocket folder for extra storage, enhanced holidays and celebrations page so you can set up your calendar based on your lifestyle, plus options to add-on planner accessories to build your ultimate custom weekly planner.

Feeling swamped and scattered? Tame the chaos with your trusty weekly planner! Here's how to transform it from a blank slate to a productivity powerhouse:

  • Schedule Weekly Sessions Dedicate time to mapping out appointments, tasks, and goals. Sunday evenings are popular, but find what works for you!
  • Prioritize Like a Pro: Star important tasks, color-code by urgency, or use whatever system helps you tackle the essentials first.
  • Break Down Projects & Monthly Goals: Feeling overwhelmed? Distill large projects and monthly goals into smaller, manageable steps throughout the week.
  • Give Yourself Grace: Life happens! Leave room for adjustments and don't be afraid to reschedule when needed. Stay flexible – you got this!
  • Review and Reflect: Take a few minutes at the end of each week to assess your progress, reflect on lessons learned, and adjust your plan for the week ahead.
  • Keep Your Weekly Planner Handy: Whether it's on your desk or in your bag, regular check-ins are key to success.

Remember, the perfect weekly planning system is the one that works for you. So, experiment, customize, and reach your goals, one week at a time.

If you prefer to see your weekly plans at a glance, our weekly LifePlanner™ has got you covered. This is the original LifePlanner™ and offers four layout choices so you can plan horizontally, vertically, hourly, or in a hybrid fashion with our compact vertical layout.

To learn more, check out Planner Layouts + Creative Ideas for Every Lifestyle.

The best-selling Erin Condren Weekly LifePlanner™ offers three binding options: coiled (spiral-bound), softbound (lay-flat), and ring agenda (standard six-ring punch).

  • Coiled Weekly Life Planners: If you love the option to add on snap-in accessories like interchangeable covers, bookmarks, sticky notes, and dashboards, you’ll have endless customization options with our best-selling spiral weekly planners. Coiled LifePlanners feature durable, premium aluminum coils, interchangeable and wet-erase front and back covers, and come in a variety of layouts, designs, and sizes.
  • Softbound Weekly Life Planners: If you’re left-handed or want your planner in a sleek, lay-flat book format, our Softbound LifePlanners are the way to go. These lay-flat, lefty-friendly weekly planners feature beautiful vegan leather covers and come in a variety of layouts (including undated), designs, and sizes.
  • Ring Agenda Weekly Life Planners: If you need a weekly planner and folio in one stylish, portable package, then you’ll love our A5 LifePlanner™ Ring Agendas. They offer the best of our weekly layouts in a gorgeous vegan leather folio, with plenty of storage for your notepads, sticky notes, pens, and more! It also has a standard six-ring system so you can add on inserts to further customize your weekly planner.

The original Erin Condren Weekly LifePlanner™ comes in three sizes: A5, 7” x 9”, and 8” x 10”. Planner size is a mix between personal preference and functionality that largely depends on where you will use your weekly planner most (if you need to carry your planner with you, a smaller, more portable size is best) and how much room you need to plan (are you a minimalist or do you like a lot of room for doodles, notes, reminders, and more?).

Read Your Guide to Different Planner Sizes + How to Choose to learn more.

To get started with a weekly life planner, you will need to decide on the size, layout, and features that are important to you. Once you have chosen your weekly planner, you can start by writing down your goals for the year, month, and week. Then, you can start scheduling your tasks and appointments.

Here are some additional tips for using a weekly life planner:

  • Plan each week in advance.
  • Be specific and realistic when setting your goals.
  • Break down large goals into smaller, more manageable steps.
  • Schedule time for both your work and personal commitments.
  • Review your planner regularly and make adjustments as needed.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment until you find a system that works for you.

For more weekly life planner tips, check out our favorite life planner hacks.

You can visit our store locations in Austin, TX or Irvine, CA to get hands-on experience in personalizing your weekly planner. We even offer virtual and in-store workshop events to help you stay organized and increase productivity. You can also find Erin Condren weekly planners at most Target stores, Barnes and Noble, and more.

The Erin Condren Weekly LifePlanner™ can be organized in almost any way that fits your lifestyle through our personalization process. From all the weekly planner layouts our LifePlanners offer–horizontal, vertical, hourly, and compact vertical–to the binding and cover options, there are so many ways to create your custom weekly planner to help you stay organized and keep important notes and dates all in one place. Below, our team of organization experts has shared our top weekly planner tips to help guide you along every step of your life planner journey.

Tips for How to Organize Your Life with a Weekly Life Planner

Whether you're new to planning or you're looking for new ways to plan, we've got you covered! Here are our favorite life planner tips, tools, and ideas from our LifePlanner™ experts!

Visit our Inspiration Center to stay organized, motivated, and inspired with more planning tips for every area of your life!

More About the LifePlanner™

The LifePlanner™ is the best weekly planner, monthly calendar, and journal in one. And every year it gets better! This everything weekly planner -- perfect for time management, daily tasks and weekly schedules, wellness tracking, journaling, scheduling important events, birthdays, and appointments, even doodling, and more -- offers all the features you’ve come to love, along with multiple upgrades and customization options, including:

New, interchangeable cover choices in a range of patterns, colors, and themes. Weekly planner layout options in vertical, compact vertical, horizontal, or hourly. Multiple interior design options. Choice of 7” x 9” desktop planner or portable A5 Ring Agenda. Choice of coil color. Personalizable cover, 12-month calendar, planner stickers, note pages for journaling, productivity pages with goal setting and to-do lists, and more!

We offer so many weekly planner options in a variety of weekly layouts because we know that planning is highly personal and finding the perfect planner is critical. Whether you need an hourly planner, an easy-to-scan monthly calendar, or a more comprehensive whole LifePlanner™, we have you covered. This weekly and monthly planner is perfect for organizing your daily tasks, weekly schedule, monthly events, even wellness goals, doodling, and more. Our planners feature thick, sturdy paper that resists tears and ink bleeds, allowing you to use the writing tools of your choice to customize and embellish your LifePlanner™ pages. These custom planners also include calendar year views and multiple extras, such as monthly tabs, stickers, a snap-in ruler, and a storage folder, letting you make your life planning practice as easy as possible. Plus, our personalizable covers allow you to change up the look of your planner whenever you want something new.

For those who prefer minimal planners focused on function without the extras, try our Focused Planner™, the perfect weekly planner, monthly calendar, and journal for professionals, men, and stylish minimalists. If you're in the market for a companion planner to your LifePlanner™, we've got you covered! Our Monthly Planner is ideal for light planning, work, and special projects. If you're an educator, consider the Teacher Lesson Planner, or the Academic Planner if you're a student. You can also explore our full line of planners -- something for EVERYONE -- to find the perfect organizer that meets all your planning needs.