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gift Your Friends Save

Send your friends your referral link directly, share your link on social media or use our email form to send them an invite! Your friends will receive an invitation email that will direct them to our "Create Your Account" page.

calendar Your Friends Purchase

After your friend creates an account, they will receive an email with a unique $10 coupon code for their first purchase. This coupon code will expire 30 days from receipt. It will only work for your friend's first purchase and not for transactions made after the inital purchase.

calendar You Get Rewarded

You'll receive points added directly to your EC Insider account when your friend's first order is shipped. The 1,000 EC Insider points (a $10 equivalent) will be automatically added and don't need to be loaded. Continue to refer friends and see the points—and redeemable rewards—stack up!

Save a Friend $10 and Get 1,000 EC Insider Points!

They save, and you earn! It's a win-win!


Action completed EC InsiderInsider Turquoise InsiderTurquoise Rose gold insiderRose gold
Annual Spend to Upgrade Status 0-$199 $200-$499 $500+
Points per Dollar Spent 2 3 4
Join EC Insider* 500 500 500
Sign up for our Newsletter* 200 200 200
Celebrate a Birthday 1000 1000 1000
Like Us on Facebook* 100 100 100
Follow Us on Twitter* 100 100 100
Follow Us on Instagram* 100 100 100
Refer a Friend 1000 1000 1000

*Action Can Only Be Completed One Time per User