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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Erin Condren desk pad calendars can help keep your weekly agenda, goals, to-do lists handy so you can stay organized, productive, and achieve your goals. We offer a variety of different styles and customization options to help you manage your calendar, stay on top of your tasks, and enjoy a rewarding goal-setting experience.

We offer a variety of dated and undated desk pad calendars that are essential for organizing family events, personal appointments, or teaching schedules for educators. Keep your desk pad calendar on your work desk, kitchen counter, nightstand, or wherever it’s visible and easily accessible.

Yes! You can customize and personalize your favorite Erin Condren desk pad calendar to match your style, schedule, even your home or office decor to make your desk pad as unique as you are.

You can visit one of our three store locations in Austin, TX, Fairfax, VA, or Irvine, CA to purchase a variety of office and desk accessories including desk pads, notepads, and other office accessories to help you stay organized and increase productivity. Discover the latest events and products at an Erin Condren store near you!

Need to track your schedule at a glance? Most technology can’t compete with a simple deskpad calendar. No apps to open, no passwords or usernames to remember — all the information you need is right in front of you! You can update, edit, and review your daily, weekly, and monthly commitments at any time. Deskpads are also an excellent way to let colleagues or family members see your schedule without the hassle and privacy concerns of sharing online calendars.

If you love a coordinated look, choose a deskpad style that you can match to your planner, notebook, or journal. In an office setting, our vegan leather deskpad options complement our Focused Collection™ of sophisticated planners and desk accessories. These desk calendar pads also make fantastic gifts for friends and family, especially for someone who’s starting a new job. Need something more specialized for educational purposes? We even have a deskpad for teachers that will allow you to coordinate lesson plans and other events. If you don’t need a day-by-day breakdown but still want a spot to sketch out your projects, our Vision Board Deskpad is the perfect starting point. Don’t forget accessories as well! Use pens, markers, stickers, and sticky notes to customize your deskpad with color-coded reminders and call-outs. Get creative and have fun while you manage your time!