Did you know that the way you organize and decorate your desk can impact your focus, creativity, mood and productivity?

Whether you’re starting a new job, looking to refresh your office or decorating a dorm room, enjoy these eight easy ways to decorate your desk with delightful, mood-boosting décor for elevated practicality & productivity!

1) Add personal touches.

Customized and personalized stationery, notebooks and planners add a touch of personality and sophistication to your desk. Personal photos in decorative frames are an easy way to instantly boost your mood while adding a little love to your work space. Mementos, art pieces, decorative flourishes, go for whatever brings you joy without distracting or cluttering your desk!

2) Get some greenery in there!

Adding living plants to your work space can help reduce stress and increase a sense of well-being. We’re not saying you need to bring fresh flowers to work every day, but add a pop of something green! Buy a trio of succulents (they’re very inexpensive and require little attention).

3) Organize in color!

We’re all for organization, so add some color coordination in there!

4) Stylize while you organize with a designer deskpad!

Keep track of important dates and meetings and add glamour to your desk with a personalized, colorful deskpad! It’s both a functional calendar and fashionable decoration!

5) Dabble in DIY décor.

Turn your weekend into Sun-D-I-Y! Have fun creating fun décor that boosts your office space. Create fun tassels and hang them on your wall! Spray paint containers like used berry baskets a fun, metallic or bold hue to store loose office supplies! Cut out washi tape to use on the keypad of your computer. The options are endless!

6) Make the most of desk accessories.

When it comes to decorating your desk, it’s all about combining fashion with fun! Pretty and practical desk accessories are double the fun! Color coordinate pens and markers in designer desk organizers. Brighten your space with metallic staplers, tape dispensers & stylish pen holders. And don’t miss out on colorful push pins with fun shapes!

7) Add a customized, colorful throw.

Does your coworker love to run the office A/C? Serve a dual purpose with a stylish throw that adds style to your seat while still giving you plenty of heat! Don’t forget to customize & personalize it!

8) Work that wall space!

When decorating your desk, don’t forget to look up! Use the wall space by your desk to extend your desk décor & organization with a stylish & customizable Wall Organization Center. Personalize, switch & swap as many magnetic, interchangeable board inserts as you like—hourly to monthly schedules, checklists, whiteboards with a photo collage, it’s totally up to you! Bonus: free up more desk space by adding slide-on storage accessories!

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