Desk Organization Ideas to Keep Your Workspace Clutter-Free

Decluttering is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and it’s no wonder: The more things you have to keep track of, the more overwhelmed you’re likely to feel, whether you work from home or in an office. The result? Stress, procrastination, and disorganization, all of which take their toll on mental health, relationships, and job performance. Decluttering is a rewarding experience that will leave you feeling more productive in the long run. The more organized you can keep your desk and workspace, the more ready you’ll feel to tackle each day.

The Importance of a Tidy Workspace

A tidy workplace is a must, even if you work from home. There are two primary reasons why:

Your Professional Image

Most offices and workplaces set standards for employee workspaces. A neat, orderly desk projects professionalism, while a cluttered, messy desk suggests disorganization. Chaotic workspaces could also contribute to a more stressful office environment, since most people work more effectively in clean and attractive spaces.

Learning how to stay organized while working from home is just as important. For one, organization reinforces professionalism. And the truth is that no matter how you angle your webcam, clients and coworkers may still be able to see your workspace.

Your Productivity

Clean, well-organized spaces enhance productivity. If you have a messy workspace, you may find it difficult to work on the task at hand. Too many objects in your field of vision are distracting and can even impede your ability to focus.

On the other hand, an organized workspace is easy to navigate. When you need an item, you know where to find it, saving you time and frustration. That’ll help reduce stress when your boss asks for a last-second update on that project and you need to quickly find your notes.

Clearing Your Desk

If you’re like many people, you do a lot of work at your desk, so it's natural that it gets a little messy now and then. Your desk is also where you store work supplies and personal items. Just as clutter builds up at home, so too can paperwork, office supplies, and personal items take over your desk and storage areas.

If it’s time to reconsider your office or work-from-home desk setup, check out the desk organization ideas below:

Determining Desk Essentials

Your first step in office or work-from-home organization is to determine what items you need to have on hand or in your line of sight while working. It’s important to give this some thought, as you may be used to having a full array of office supplies, personal items, and décor on your desk at all times.

In many cases, you may realize that these items are on your desk simply because you’ve gotten into the habit of having them there. The same holds true for items like notepads, paper clips, and staples. Determine what needs to be stored on top of your desk, in desk drawers, and what needs to be removed altogether. Then, simplify your home office storage with desk organizer tools that keep these items sorted even when kept in cabinets and drawers.

Relocating Information

Is your workspace covered with sticky notes, business cards, and other reminders of passwords, important dates, or things you need to get done? A planner keeps dates, contact information, and other pertinent details organized in one convenient (and portable) place. Other options for clearing your desk (and your mind) include coordinated desk organizer tools such as standup folios, desk pads, and calendars.

Regular Desk Maintenance

You know the feeling of a freshly organized and cleaned desk space? Once you’ve organized your desk, make that feeling last by maintaining it. Set aside five or 10 minutes at the end of each workday to tidy up your desk. Once a week, take a few minutes to quickly wipe down and clean surfaces after sorting and replenishing supplies. Watch how your motivation, sense of calm, and productivity improve when you keep a clean desk!

Desk Drawers and Office Storage

Some workspaces aren’t quite as tidy and organized as they might seem. Sure, walls, desks, and counters might appear to be clean and organized, but drawers and other storage spaces are crammed full of items. This can be particularly true with home office storage spaces, which might end up being a repository for both work and personal items. Hidden clutter is distracting and still presents the problem of not being able to locate items when you need them. Just as you regularly clean the surface of your desk, give a little organization love to your drawers. Consider using a desk drawer organizer that makes it easier to keep your items tidy and accessible.

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