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Frequently Asked Questions

Our calendars come in a variety of sizes – ranging from 10” x 5” to 18” x 24” – and include beautiful desk calendars, wall calendars, whiteboard calendars, and weekly and hourly desk pad calendars to help you track important dates, jot notes, or map out projects.

Our planners are a combination of a calendar, planner, and notebook. Our calendars focus on either hourly, weekly, or monthly schedules and come in multiple formats, including wall calendars, desk pad calendars, acrylic perpetual calendars, schedule pads, and more.

Customize your weekly or hourly calendar with our customizable calendar stickers to highlight specific dates or events. We also have colorful markers, gel pens, and other writing tools to get you started.

You can visit one of our three store locations Austin, TX, Fairfax, VA, or Irvine, CA to shop our popular collection of wall calendars and desk accessories. While you're there, attend a virtual and in-store workshop event to help you stay organized and increase productivity in all areas of your life.

Calendars, organizers, and planners add fun and function to your wall, desk, or kitchen counter. The most useful calendars enable you to track important dates, take notes, manage goals, monitor multiple schedules, map out projects, plan events, and more. And with endless design possibilities, you can experiment until you find the perfect calendar (or two) for you. Whether you need a wall calendar, desk calendar or desk pad, daily schedule tracker, or even a perpetual calendar that doubles as a paperweight, we can help.

If you have an Erin Condren planners, journal, or notebook you love, have fun coordinating it with one of our beautiful calendar designs. Find matching calendars, desk pads, and ballpoint pens to create a seamless organizational style that goes far beyond your planner! Our calendar stickers are also a fantastic accessory if you have a more flexible approach to organization. Simply stick them in your go-to blank notebook or grid journal so you can quickly see the month at a glance.

Need a calendar that lets you keep track of family chores or everyone’s hourly schedules? We have calendars for those needs, too! No matter how busy life gets, our calendars and desk pads will help keep you organized and better prepared regardless of what the day brings.