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Frequently Asked Questions

Our calendars come in a variety of sizes – ranging from 10” x 5” to 18” x 24” – and include beautiful desk calendars, wall calendars, monthly desk pads, and weekly and hourly desk pad calendars to help you track important dates, jot notes, or map out projects. New wall calendars now available in multiple calendar formats and layouts, including monthly, weekly, hourly, daily, and more! From the new year to every month thereafter, add more functionality to your vertical spaces with a custom calendar.

A calendar typically displays months and dates, and sometimes weeks, days, or hours, providing a visual overview of time periods. Calendars are primarily used for scheduling events, appointments, and important dates. On the other hand, a planner is a tool for organizing tasks, goals, and activities on a more detailed level. It often includes a calendar for monthly planning plus sections for hourly, daily, and weekly planning, as well as space for notes, to-do lists, and goal-setting. While a calendar focuses on dates and events, a planner offers a more comprehensive framework for managing time, tasks, and priorities.

A calendar planner is another name for a planner that combines the functionality of a calendar and planner in one. Erin Condren planners are an example of calendar planners, but they not only serve the function of a calendar and planner, they also include productivity and habit tracking, journaling, and more for an all-in-one EVERYTHING organizer.

In addition to our yearly calendars, there are a variety of Erin Condren calendar formats that focus on either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly schedules and come in multiple calendar formats, including acrylic wall calendars, whiteboard calendars, desk calendars, monthly desk pads and desk pad calendars, desktop calendars, forever calendars, schedule pads, and more. It's never too late to get organized -- from new year organization to holiday planning, tap into the joy of organization on your schedule!

In addition to paper calendars, we offer a wide selection of reusable calendars, from wall calendar whiteboards and wall organization centers to acrylic wall calendars, perpetual calendars, and wet-erase desk calendars. Schedule, and manage your monthly plans, track dates and deadlines, then wipe and repeat with Erin Condren reusable calendars.

Enhance your wall calendar, desk calendar, reusable calendar, and more with our selection of calendar accessories, including date dot stickers and date dot magnets for undated and/or reusable calendars, acrylic wall calendar clings to add more fun and function to reusable wall calendars, writing tools, and more. You can even create your own calendar in your favorite notebook or journal using our calendar stickers and calendar sticky notes.

You can visit one of our store locations in Austin, TX or Irvine, CA to shop our popular collection of calendars and desk accessories. While you're there, attend a virtual and in-store workshop event to help you stay organized and increase productivity in all areas of your life.

Top Calendar Hacks and Time Management Tips

Unlock the full potential of your calendar and calendar planner with these productivity-boosting calendar and time management tips. Curated by our organization experts, explore our top calendar hacks to make the most out of every day, week, and month.

More About the Erin Condren Calendars and Calendar Planners

Beyond starting off the new year right, calendars and calendar planners add fun and function year round to your office supplies, wall, desk, and more. The most useful calendars enable you to track important dates, make to-do lists, take notes, manage goals, monitor multiple schedules, map out projects, plan events, and more. And with endless design possibilities, you can experiment until you find the perfect calendar format (or two) for you. Whether you need to add more organization and functionality to your home office, small business, classroom, or just need to refresh your office supplies, we offer a wide variety of wall calendars, desk calendars, monthly desk pads and desk pad calendars, yearly calendars, daily schedule trackers and to-do lists, and monthly planners.

Need a calendar that lets you keep track of family chores or everyone’s hourly schedules? We have calendars for those needs, too! No matter how busy life gets, our monthly planners, desk and wall calendars, and other essential office supplies will help you tackle your to-do list and keep you organized and better prepared regardless of what the day brings.