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Frequently Asked Questions

Good planners can help with organization, but the best planners can do so much more. From helping you focus on what matters most to enabling you to achieve goals—both big and small—a best-selling planner is there with you every step of the way and can even help you improve your life. That’s why we’ve spent 15 years honing and improving our signature Erin Condren LifePlanner™ to be the best everything planner. It’s specifically designed to help you keep everyday tasks, goals, and projects manageable. With the proper planner, you can keep your life organized and live every moment to the fullest—and not miss the important details along the way.

We proudly design all of our planners in Los Angeles and print, hand-coil, and package all our spiral books in Austin, using Mohawk Paper milled in New York. Our planners are made with thick 80-pound text weight paper that resists ink bleeding. The durable covers and sturdy coils are made to survive daily life while you travel from work to home and everywhere in between. The quality craftsmanship means your planner will last and the memories can be looked back on for years to come.

Work planners, school planners, wedding planners, meal planners, fitness planners, budget planners, and beyond. . . . Whatever your goals, whatever you’re working on, there’s a planner designed to get you over the finish line (and infuse more joy and organization into each day).

  • Undated Planners: These planners offer the flexibility to start anytime without wasted pages if you skip days, making them ideal for irregular schedules, intermittent planning, and personalized gifts.
  • Daily Planners: Designed for detailed day-to-day organization, time-blocking, and task prioritization, daily planners are perfect for busy professionals, students, and anyone who enjoys having a full page for daily plans. These planners often include monthly calendars, weekly overviews, and space for to-do lists, notes, and goal setting, making daily planning a breeze.
  • Weekly Planners: Providing an overview of each month and week of the year (with an option to choose from multiple weekly layouts), weekly planners help balance long-term and short-term goals, making them great for those who prefer planning weekly activities and balancing work and personal life.
  • Monthly Planners: With a big-picture view for tracking important dates, events, and setting monthly goals, monthly planners are suitable for light planning, project tracking, and managing monthly tasks. The monthly calendar + notebook layout is perfect for those who like to plan ahead and use the note pages for list-making, note-taking, journaling, and capturing ideas and creativity.
  • Work Planners: Focused on professional tasks, deadlines, meeting notes, and project management, work planners are essential for professionals managing multiple projects and deadlines. These planners often feature weekly and monthly planning, note pages, and to-do lists and checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Teacher Planners: Essential for teachers, these planners help with lesson planning, student progress tracking, and academic year organization. They often include weekly planning, monthly calendars, student checklists, ample note pages, and spaces for to-do lists to keep everything organized.
  • Student Planners: Customizable and ideal for students from middle school through graduate school, these school agendas aid in tracking homework, assignment deadlines, exam schedules, academic goals, class and monthly scheduling, and more. Academic planners often have checklists and goal setting-sections to help manage the academic year with less stress and more success.
  • Homeschool Planners: Perfect for homeschooling parents, these planners offer customizable lesson planning, student checklists, monthly calendars, lots of note pages, and flexible scheduling to keep the academic year organized.
  • Budget Planners: Ideal for individuals or families managing finances, budget planners help track expenses, set financial goals, and reduce debt. These planners often include budget trackers and sections for critical to-do lists and checklists to make budgeting tasks easier.
  • Wedding Planners: Essential for brides and grooms, wedding planners assist in detailed wedding planning, budgeting, vendor management, and timeline organization. They often feature checklists and goal-setting sections to ensure every detail is covered.
  • Spanish Planners: These planners cater to Spanish-speaking users with 100% Latin American content throughout, perfect for native Spanish speakers or bilingual users wanting to plan in their preferred language. They often include weekly planning pages, monthly calendars, to-do lists, note pages, and more.
  • Wellness + Self-Care Planners: Ideal for those focusing on health, wellness, and self-improvement, these planning essentials help track health goals, wellness routines, self-care activities, and mental health.
  • Family Organizer Books / Family Calendar Planners: Perfect for busy families, these planners help coordinate family schedules, track activities, and plan meals. They often include monthly calendars and to-do lists to keep the whole family organized.
  • Kids Planners: Suitable for children, they teach organizational skills and help track schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Kids planners often include stickers and activities to make planning fun and engaging.

Explore the best planners based on your goals and style, learn more about different planner types, or take the planner quiz to find the right one for you.

Spiral Planners
Creative, customizable, and personalizable organizers
Key features of our coiled planners include highly customizable options, premium 80 lb. text weight paper, custom coils, interchangeable covers, coiled-in stickers, and the ability to add on snap-in accessories. For those who crave creativity, fun fused with function, and ultimate customization, a spiral planner is the way to go.

Softbound Planners
Lay-flat, slim, and portable organizers
Key features of our softbound planners include colorful or minimal design options, lay-flat and lefty-friendly structure, thick 80-pound text weight paper, and a scratch-resistant vegan leather cover. For those who prefer a professional planner that truly lays flat, give softbound planning a try.

Ring Agenda Planners
Compact, professional, and portable organizer folios
Plan it out, stay organized, and carry your essentials in one stylish place with our A5 vegan leather planner and folio in one. Featuring our signature design detailing, famously rich Mohawk Paper, proven daily and weekly layouts, abundant productivity spreads and note pages, stickers, inspirational quotes, tons of storage, and multiple beautiful interior and exterior designs to choose from.

Still need help deciding? Learn more about the differences between spiral planners, softbound planners, and ring agenda planners.

The most effective way to use a planner starts with choosing the right one. Take the Erin Condren planner quiz to discover which planner is right for you. After you've chosen your perfect planner, an easy way to start building good habits is by using your planner every day. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Block out time in your day to update and write in your planner to set goals for the day, week, and/or month.
  • Create a system that works best for you. Want to focus solely on work tasks? Separate sections for family/work/personal? Find the rhythm that fits your life and customize the planner to fit those needs.
  • Record and organize everything all in one place, from daily checklists to shopping lists to budgets and notes. Using a planner this way will help you remember and keep track of important tasks, appointments, and info throughout the day.
  • Don't stress about always keeping your planner nice and neat. It's okay to be messy from time to time. Have fun with your planner, make it your own, and enjoy how it will help you reduce stress and reach your goals!

For more ways to use your planner effectively, explore Planner Ideas for Beginners.

Organizing your planner should start with building good habits for staying on track with your life goals and everyday planning. If you're new to maintaining a planner, start small by setting daily or weekly goals and checklists. It's the little things that count here! Follow these other tips for organizing your planner:

  • Set aside a little time each day (or even once a week) to focus on reviewing and planning so that you can prioritize your tasks. This will help you focus your energy and time where it matters most.
  • Customize your planner–choose the right planner layout, planner size, and accessories–to create your unique organization system built around your schedule and style, not the other way around.
  • Color-code your planner notes and checklists with highlighters and pens. This is a fun and simple way to infuse an extra layer of organization into your planner.
  • Write down important dates in your calendar spreads, and daily and weekly to-dos on your planning pages. Downloading your mind into your planner will help you improve time management, productivity, and keep track of the important notes and lists that you need to tackle because you never know what obstacles you'll encounter.

There are so many different types of planners that can make your life easier and help you reach your goals. Learn how to get the most out of yours with our expert Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planning Tips.

Planners come with different calendar layouts, including an option to see the year at a glance and daily, weekly, and monthly planning sections. Having multiple options allows for more in-depth planning.

A daily planner gives you the space you need to cover every detail. Each day has its own page, which is then broken down by the hour. With this type of planner, you can pencil in meetings, school pick-up times, project due dates, dinner reservations — you name it.

A weekly planner is great for planning pros and organization novices alike. This type of planner lets you see your entire week at a glance. You can look ahead to see what’s due at the end of each week, allowing you to prioritize when you tackle tasks Monday through Friday and on weekends. We have multiple weekly planning layouts and just love how @katiecsteiner shares the benefits of popular LifePlanner™ weekly layouts below.


Katie Steiner


Vertical: I love this layout for someone who juggles a lot! Some use the boxes for morning/afternoon/evening, while others use them for different categories of their life: work/kids/school/content/to-dos.

Hourly: This layout is ideal for people who need to manage their time! You can block off your schedule and add to-dos into your white space.

Horizontal: I love this layout for people whose schedules are more fluid. One of the things I love most about this layout is that I have plenty of space for hand-lettering, and it’s versatile enough that I can use the boxes however I need. There is also a blank box on the bottom right page to organize your week.

We also have a Compact Vertical Weekly Layout for those whose planning style falls between horizontal and vertical. This hybrid planning option offers the stacked structure of a vertical weekly spread with the convenience of horizontal lines.

A life planner is an organizational tool that helps you organize your time, manage your tasks, achieve your goals, and live a fuller, more meaningful life through organization. It can be used to track your daily, weekly, and monthly commitments, as well as your long-term goals. The Erin Condren life planner is the original trademarked LifePlanner™ and best-selling everything planner – an all-in-one calendar, checklist, and journal.

The Erin Condren LifePlanner™ is an original, high-quality, highly customizable everything planner with over three million sold. Known for its proven layouts, stylish designs, personalization options, premium paper, and variety of fun and functional features, the LifePlanner™ is designed to help you reach your goals and bring more organization and joy to each day.

To learn more about what makes the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ so popular and effective, check out the Science Behind the LifePlanner™.

Erin Condren planners vary in size, but some of our most popular planners are available in A5 size (5.8" x 8.3"), 7" x 9", 8" x 10", and the largest is 8.5" x 11". We offer planners in multiple sizes so you can stay organized on the go, at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Keep it all together in one place with a planner that fits your schedule and style.

There are many benefits to using a planner, including:

  • Increased productivity: Planners can help you stay organized and on track, which can lead to increased productivity.
  • Reduced stress: Planners can help you reduce stress by giving you a place to write down all of your tasks and commitments.
  • Improved time management: Planners can help you learn how to manage your time more effectively.
  • Goal setting and achievement: Planners can help you set and achieve your goals by providing you with a place to track your progress and identify any obstacles that you may be facing.

Our LifePlanner™ Collection has something for everyone, from beginner planners to planner pros, including a variety of designs, sizes, formats, and layouts so you can customize your planner to fit your style and schedule.

  • Daily LifePlanners: If you like to have a full page to plan each day, then our Daily LifePlanners are for you. These daily planners come in a spiral format in two sizes (A5 and 7” x 9”), an A5 Ring Agenda format, featuring a standard six-ring agenda binder and folio combo (perfect for staying organized on the go), or in the form of a binder planner.
  • Weekly LifePlanners: If you prefer to see your weekly plans at a glance, our weekly LifePlanner has got you covered. This is the original LifePlanner and offers four layout choices so you can plan horizontally, vertically, hourly, or compact vertical for our A5 LifePlanner. It also offers various binding options, including spiral, softbound, and ring agenda.
  • Softbound LifePlanners: If you’re left-handed or want your planner in a sleek, lay-flat book format, our Softbound LifePlanners are the way to go. These lay-flat, lefty-friendly weekly organizers feature beautiful vegan leather covers and come in three sizes: pocket size (3.5” x 6.25”), A5, and 8” x 10”.
  • Ring Agenda LifePlanners: If you need a planner and folio in one stylish, portable package, then you’ll love our A5 LifePlanner Ring Agendas. They offer daily or weekly LifePlanner layouts in a gorgeous vegan leather folio, with seven pockets to store your notepads, business and credit cards, sticky notes, pen, and more! It also has a standard six-ring system so you can add on inserts to further customize your LifePlanner.
  • LifePlanner™ Best Sellers: If you love the option to add on snap-in accessories like interchangeable covers, bookmarks, sticky notes, and dashboards, you’ll have endless customization options with our best-selling spiral LifePlanners. They feature durable, premium aluminum coils, swappable and wet-erase front and back covers, and come in daily and weekly layouts and two sizes (A5 or 7” x 9”).

A planner page count (counted like double-sided book pages, not like single-sided sheets) depends on the type of planner, planner size, and if add-on pages are an option. For example, if you want to add on extra pages to our weekly LifePlanner™, you’ll see this in the product details section: “Add 40 additional lined, productivity, weekly planning, or goal setting pages.” This will add 20 double-sided sheets of paper to your planner, which include 40 functional pages on which you can take notes and journal, track productivity, expand your weekly planning, or set and track your goals.

You can visit our store locations in Austin, TX or Irvine, CA to get hands-on experience in personalizing your planner. We even offer virtual and in-store workshop events to help you stay organized and increase productivity. You can also find Erin Condren planners at most Target stores, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Planner Tips, Productivity Hacks, and Organization Inspiration

Here are some of our favorite tips from our experts to help you get organized, take back control of your time, and plan a life you love:

Visit our Inspiration Center to stay organized, motivated, and inspired with more planning tips for every area of your life!