Maximize your productivity and get organized in style!

Figuring out how to best organize your LifePlanner™ can be a daunting task! Instagram and other social media images show beautiful weekly spreads that are actual works of art. When it comes to planning, the most important thing to remember is that your LifePlanner™ is entirely yours. You don’t need to compare it and you don’t need to share it! What you do need to do is set it up so it can serve you best, and help you organize and prioritize your to-dos so you can achieve your goals!

Whether you’re planning in a coiled or a Hardbound LifePlanner™, in a vertical, horizontal or hourly weekly layout, we’ve got some tips for you!

Tip #1 Decide on a system that works for you

Develop a sticker strategy, color code or use simple black and white: whatever the system you choose, commit to it and use it to reach your full potential!

Tip #2 Take advantage of all the blank space

Are you big on making lists? Develop to-do lists, plan your meals or tackle grocery store lists in the margins of your planner! Not a big list maker? Doodle, draw or sketch to relieve stress and stay on task!

Tip #3 Commit to checking in every day

Make time to get organized! Whether it’s a few minutes first thing in the morning to check in on what’s to come for the day or quiet time to yourself at night to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, allot time to plan each day!

Tip #4 Don’t give up!

Missing one day- or even one week- doesn’t mean you’ve failed at planning! Each day is a fresh start full of opportunities to be your best self.

Tip #5 Accessorize as much as you want!

Whether you pile on the accessories or pare it down and go a bit simpler, work with the aesthetic that makes the most sense for you and your personal style. The LifePlanner™ is a place to feel inspired, not overwhelmed, so do what works best for you!

Tip #6 Write in important dates & reminders first

Start out by logging important dates you don’t want to forget and build out your planning based off of that! If you know your child's school schedule already, build out when you can start thinking about back to school shopping and planning a family vacation for school holidays!

Tip #7 Allow extra time on Sundays

Sunday is the ideal day to allocate an extra hour or two to get ahead on the week’s plans! Devise your meal planning strategy, schedule time for exercise and start your week on a positive note!

Tip #8 Positivity goes a long way

Planning with positivity is crucial to your overall productivity! Adding motivational quotes, inspirational song lyrics, photos or mementos that hold special significance and inspire you is incredibly impactful.

Tip #9 Set goals for yourself!

Whether short term or long term, setting goals is an excellent way to stay on track in your planning. Weekly or monthly benchmarks are a simple way to check in with yourself and reprioritize where you’re allocating time.

Tip #10 Have fun

Planning is after all, all about adding benefit to your daily life. We want you to have fun with it! Whether you use it as a stress reliever, an outlet for creativity, or as a haven for your list-making and stickering, have fun!