1) Live in the moment and plan for the future.

It’s common to feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle everything you have to do & while we can’t add additional time, we can give you tips and tricks to maximize the hours that you do have to make the most of it!

2) Use a LifePlanner™

Functional meets fashionable in this stylish book you’ll want to write in! Different layouts are geared towards different schedules: (for example, if your day is organized into hourly increments, the Hourly LifePlanner™ is for you.) These colorful books are so much more than a calendar; they keep track of work commitments, social engagements and provide ample room for list-making and prioritizing so you can live in the moment and plan for the future.

3) Don’t be afraid to say no

Never think that “no” is the wrong answer. Manage your time by not agreeing to add onto your task list if you’ve already committed to other projects. Prioritizing includes the ability to say no.

4) Sleep

It sounds so simple, but getting enough sleep is crucial to being able to efficiently manage your time. Sleeping and eating well are two of the most basic guidelines you should make sure to follow to remain healthy and retain energy.

5) Eliminate distractions

If you’re working against a deadline, now is not the time to allow yourself to get distracted. The obvious answer is to avoid browsing online, catching up on the top news headlines or checking in on social media, but the less obvious trap many of us fall in is being sidetracked by incoming emails, or online task notifications! If you use a project management software like Asana, you may get notifications alerting you to comments and updates. Don’t allow yourself to start reading threads from other assignments or you’ll get quickly pulled into a different topic!

6) Give yourself time limits (and deadlines)

Set specific benchmarks so you don’t procrastinate. If you know something is due at 9:00 am on Tuesday, give yourself a due date of the Friday before, so if your Monday gets slammed, you won't find yourself on a deadline.

7) Give yourself a buffer

Timelines are important, but make sure you give yourself buffer. If you have a 10:00-11:00 am meeting, don’t assign yourself something due at 11:30 or noon. Allow yourself wiggle room in case things change or meetings go late!

8) Pitch in on weekends

Doing a little bit goes a long way when you’re “off the clock!” Getting organized on a Sunday night makes going in on Monday much less stressful and you can jump right into your tasks and to dos!

9) Eliminate the non-essential and delegate when necessary

Understand when you’re doing too much, don’t need to be involved or can delegate! We all have moments where we want to control everything, but giving another team member a chance to pitch in on something can ultimate help everyone out!

10) Make it fun!

At the end of the day, you’re much more inclined to do something if you’re excited about it! Make to-do lists on beautiful, fun patterned notepads, color code your schedule of meetings, build fun events into your team calendar & infuse each day with just a little bit of organization. Positivity breeds productivity, after all!