6 Surprising Benefits Of Planning

The act of planning, particularly using a paper planner, has lots of hidden benefits that may surprise you!

We all know how planning helps with time management and organization, even when everything doesn’t go as planned. But are there hidden benefits of planning highly organized and successful people use to their advantage? Keep reading to find out!

1. Planning improves learning.

Researchers have found that planning on paper helps improve learning and memory. Write it down and plan it out! (Your brain will thank you!)

2. Planning reduces stress.

Planning is the most effective stress management technique. Proactive planning, instead of passive living, is proven to reduce stress. Infuse motivational and inspirational elements in your planning to go beyond reducing stress to finding joy. 95% of LifePlanner™ customers report Erin Condren products bring them joy. That builds upon the next benefit of planning....

3. Planning promotes positivity.

Research suggests planning for something can make you happier. Just looking at a schedule and seeing that you have an upcoming event or vacation you look forward to can lead to positive anticipation and feelings of happiness!

4. Planning boosts productivity.

91% of customers agree that their Erin Condren LifePlanner™️ helped them be more productive. Plus, writing down your plans allows you to go back and see which of your activities are productive and which are slowing you down, which helps you become more efficient too!

5. Planning promotes mindfulness.

Writing down your plans in a paper planner makes you slow down, unplug, and be more intentional and mindful.

6. Planning helps you meet your goals.

Planning with a paper planner increases your ability to track short- and long-term goals. It also keeps you accountable and helps you plot out and follow the necessary steps needed for your personal and professional success. Goal for it!

Bonus Benefit: Planning helps you declutter.

Studies report clutter can negatively affect your memory, mental health, and even eating habits. Using a paper planner is a simple and effective way to download your mind onto paper so you can cut the clutter and streamline everything else. Added bonus: it makes it easier to declutter and organize your favorite spaces, freeing you up to live and perform at your best!

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