LifePlanner™ 101: Features, Benefits & Stress-Free Productivity Tips!

Plan for tomorrow and celebrate today with this best-seller that's proven to increase productivity and time management. 94% of customers agree that the LifePlanner™ helped them better organize their life. You can even make it fun. Try it for yourself today!

93% of customers found that the LifePlanner™ increased productivity.

Why the LifePlanner™?

  • - The Ultimate Weekly Planning System
  • - Perfect for Planning Aficionados & Newbies Alike
  • - Completely Customizable and Personalizable
  • - Filled with Designer Details, Inspiration & Extras
  • - One Word: Stickers!
  • - Quality-tested & earned the Good Housekeeping Seal
“No more searching for planner peace because this planner is the one for me.”
- Kristin, The Gold Project

LifePlanner™ Lifestyle

We understand that everyone's schedule—and personal style—is different. Our signature Coiled LifePlanner™ allows you to personalize & customize the combination that works for you so you can live your best life!

Fun & Functional LifePlanner™ Features & Extras


Each LifePlanner™ comes with a secure & stylish removable, interchangeable cover so you can switch & swap designs as often as you like. Give your book a fresh new look anytime!


Plan your day your way! Choose between three unique weekly planning layouts for a style that fits your schedule, from vertical columns to horizontal rows and hourly appointments.


Plan for the month(s) ahead with calendars for long-term planning! Whether you’re juggling school schedules or work commitments, plan for today so you can celebrate tomorrow!


Extras like lined pages before each month and bold, motivational quotes make for happy planning! The LifePlanner™ is way more than just a planner, it’s an inspired lifestyle!


We include extra surprises with each LifePlanner™ to surprise & delight you! This year's special touches include coiled-in stickers and a new, stunning LifePlanner™ Storage Box!


We’re so proud to say that the LifePlanner™ is designed, coiled, assembled & shipped here in the USA! We use the highest quality paper for a truly luxurious experience and coil each book by hand.

Benefits of Using the LifePlanner™

With over 2 million sold and featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, Ellen, the New York Times & many other outlets, word is spreading about the many benefits of using the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ to plan a life you love!

Stress-free productivity!

89% of customers agree that the LifePlanner™ helped them reduce stress! Experts agree that planning is the most effective stress management technique.

Balance your life!

Proactive planning, instead of passive living, is proven to reduce stress.

“We all struggle to keep it together sometimes. Good thing there's a planner for that! The LifePlanner is the one place to document our lives, plan out our dreams, and achieve our goals.”
- Sara, @ispeakfluentcoffee

Empower your memory!

Researchers say writing by hand helps improve learning and memory.

Track your goals with style & self-expression!

People who write down their goals are more likely to accomplish them! Our LifePlanner™ is the perfect product to help you achieve those goals.

"I absolutely love the new LifePlanner & how customizable it is! I love seeing the kaleidoscope design on every page, but my favorite update is the new Monthly Goals page to track of my goals and stay organized.”
- Linda, @laplans

Save time!

Let’s get it done so we can have some fun! 81% agree it helped them save time and 88% of Erin Condren customers agree that the LifePlanner™ improved their lives.

"My LifePlanner has been my right hand for almost a decade. I love the structure of the hourly layout to manage my calendar and to-do list, and the beautiful colors make me so happy to jump in each week and plan! I save so much time and energy each week because I have a plan!”
- Jen DuFore, @jen_plans

Unplug & live well.

Our LifePlanner™ takes you offline for planning. Unplugging & spending that time focusing on relationships & activities you enjoy can help improve sleep, concentration & generally make life better!

Keep everything in one place!

The LifePlanner™ allows you to keep & track everything (dates, tasks, notes) in one place! It’s a great way to balance work and life.

"My Life Planner is my guiding light. I keep it open on my kitchen desk and constantly check in with it. I archive my book at the end of the year, and it stores away everything from the big events down to the minute details of every day.”
- Amanda, Amanda’s Favorites

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