Best Planners of 2023

Paper planners are trending in the age of technology and transitions! The best planners of 2023 stand out among all the others in quality, functionality, value, versatility, and design.

More people are discovering that planning on paper can help them get organized, reduce stress, and achieve their goals, no matter how many times schedules and routines may shift. Research suggests writing things down, versus typing or using apps, helps improve memory and learning.

While the LifePlanner™ leads the pack, the variety of premium paper planners with different functions, designs, layouts, and sizes is promising! If you’re still looking for your perfect planner, take the planner quiz or keep reading to explore the best planners of 2023.

Best Spiral Planners of 2023

Over 3 million sold. Our spiral planners are famous for their thick, rich 80-pound Mohawk paper, premium custom coils, coiled-in stickers, extensive customization and personalization features, proven layouts, and interchangeable accessories. From our best-selling spiral daily planners and weekly planners to minimal agendas and customizable organizers, there’s a coiled planner for everyone.

Pink Sketched Blooms LifePlanner™

Metallic Harmony Colorful LifePlanner™

New to Erin Condren Planning Bundle

Metallic In Bloom A5 LifePlanner™

Metallic Colorblends A5 Daily LifePlanner™ Duo

Metallic Sand Half Moon Vegan Leather Customizable Focused Planner™

Best Softbound Planners of 2023

Lay-flat, lefty-friendly portable planning at its best. If you like sleek, slender, professional planners bound like a book, you’ll love our vegan leather softbound planners. Ranging in size from larger 8” x 10” planners to pocket planners, these lay-flat organizers are easy to carry with you … from the classroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between.

In Bloom Pocket Planner

Pocket Planners

Colorblends A5 Softbound LifePlanner™ - Horizontal

A5 Softbound LifePlanners

EttaVee Bliss 8x10 Softbound LifePlanner™ - Vertical

8x10 Softbound LifePlanners

EttaVee Bliss 8x10 Softbound LifePlanner™ - Vertical

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Best Teacher Planners of 2023

A+ planners for teachers, tutors, and homeschooling parents. Our Teacher Lesson Planner collection is preferred by educators and inspired by YOU. This is an all-in-one calendar, organizer, and notebook for planning lessons, setting goals, tracking performance, and staying organized (in class and online).

Learn Inspire Teach Teacher Lesson Planner

New to Erin Condren Planning Bundle

Rainbow Apples Teacher Lesson Planner

Flora A5 LifePlanner Ring Agenda

Large Sage Half moon Softbound Focused Teacher Lesson Planner

Champagne Daily LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

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Best Binder Planners & Ring Agenda Planners of 2023

Flexible, durable, practical, and better than ever before. Our binder planner and ring agenda collection span a wide range of planning, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly capabilities. Add, remove, and rearrange pages to fit your schedule no matter how many times it changes!

Colorblends A5 LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

New to Erin Condren Planning Bundle

In Bloom A5 LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

Flora A5 LifePlanner Ring Agenda

Harbor Arch A5 Focused Weekly Planner Ring Agenda

Champagne Daily LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

Harmony Colorful Daily LifePlanner™ Binder

Best Daily Planners of 2023

For maximizing daily productivity while managing monthly and yearly planning, our daily planners have got you covered! From our best-selling coiled Daily LifePlanner™️ Duo (two 6-month planners, 12 months total) to our A5 Daily LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda, A5 Daily Wellness Planner, and more, plan each day your way!

Kaleidoscope Neutral Daily LifePlanner™ Binder

Watercolor Stripes Daily LifePlanner™ Duo

Champagne Daily LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

Blush A5 Daily LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

Watercolor Leopard Print Daily LifePlanner™ Duo

Watercolor Leopard Print Daily LifePlanner™ Duo

A5 Daily Wellness Planner

A5 Daily Wellness Planner

Best Weekly Planners of 2023

Versatile weekly planning at its finest. From best-selling spiral weekly coiled planners to flexible weekly ring agenda planners, weekly minimal planners, and more, there’s a weekly agenda (with monthly calendars!) for planning pros and beginners alike!

Mid Century Circles A5 Softbound Lifeplanner

Watercolor Leopard Print LifePlanner™

Camel A5 Softbound LifePlanner™

Star Wars Boba Fett™ Vegan Leather LifePlanner™

Mid Century Circles A5 LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda

Cobalt Arch Vegan Leather Customizable Focused Planner™

Black Customizable Vegan Leather Focused Planner

Painted Banana Leaves A5 LifePlanner™

Best Monthly Planners of 2023

For big-picture planning and organizing special projects, our monthly planners are an all-in-one calendar and notebook designed to help you manage monthly schedules, goals, and more so you can save time, reduce stress, and stay organized. Also great for side hustles, budgeting, fitness tracking, managing clubs and teams, work projects, home projects, and everything in between!

Green Wedding Shoes Autumn Bouquet Monthly Planners

Jurassic World Metallic Evolution Monthly Planner

Star Wars Millennium Falcon™ Navy Vegan Leather Monthly Planner

EttaVee Finger Painted Florals Monthly Planner

Flora Dahlia Special Edition Flora Monthly Planner

Blush Vegan Leather Monthly Planner

Star Wars Darth Vader™ Black Vegan Leather Customizable Focused Monthly Planner™

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Best Work Planners of 2023

Top work planners built to help you streamline organization and perform at your best. Featuring weekly and monthly planners with neutral vegan leather covers and minimalist interior designs, these agenda books are perfect for productivity and organization at work.

Sage Half Moon Vegan Leather Customizable Focused Planner™

Focused PetitePlanner Budget Book

Metallic Sand Half Moon Vegan Leather Focused Planner™

Camel Customizable Vegan Leather Focused Monthly Planner

Coral Arch Vegan Leather Focused Planner™

Blush Customizable Vegan Leather Focused Monthly Planner

Harbor Arch A5 Focused Weekly Planner Ring Agenda

Best Budget Planners of 2023

Organize your budget and achieve your financial goals with simple and effective budget planners. From dedicated budget books to budgeting dashboards and the big-picture Monthly Planner, ideal for customizing budgeting projects, these planners have what you need to succeed. For budgeting tips, read Budgeting for Beginners.

Colorblends Sea PetitePlanner Budget Book

Colorblends Sea PetitePlanner Budget Book

A5 Budget Planner

A5 Budget Planner

Mid Century Circles Vegan Leather Monthly Planner

Mid Century Circles Vegan Leather Monthly Planner

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Shop All Monthly Budget Planners

Best School Planners of 2023

Student-preferred academic planner. A best-selling school planner for helping students organize class schedules and extra-curricular activities, manage their workload, and track projects and exams. It’s the ultimate academic calendar, weekly school tracker, and notebook combo designed to improve time management, reduce stress, and help students stay on track all school year.

Star Wars Grogu™ Academic Planner

Special Edition Star Wars Metallic Millenium Falcon™ Academic Planner

Endless Rainbows Academic Planner

Pastel Rainbows Academic Planner

Jurassic World Dashing Dinos Academic Planner

Create Your Own Design LifePlanner™

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Best Kids Planners & Family Organization Planners of 2023

Planners to help the whole family get organized! Our Kids Planners are fun, colorful activity books (with lots of stickers!) that also introduce kids to early organizing concepts (like starter calendars, allowance trackers, reading logs, etc.). And our new Family Organizer Book is the ultimate all-in-one organizer designed to help the whole family manage multiple schedules and to-dos while freeing up more time to create new memories together. It’s the perfect personalizable book for all of us who never got around to completing our kids’ baby books!

Kids Planner

Star Wars Kids Planner

Kids Accessories Bundle

Hello Kitty and Friends Kids Planner

Mommy & Me Planning Bundle

Collage Family Organizer Book

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Best Spanish Planners of 2023

Our best-selling planners in 100% Latin American Spanish. We have expanded our Spanish planners collection to include Spanish LifePlanners, Spanish Teacher Lesson Planners, and more! Perfect for Spanish speakers and Spanish-language students and teachers alike!

Wine On The Go Folio Planning System

Harmony Colorful Metallic Customizable Spanish LifePlanner™

Mauve On The Go Folio Planning System

In Bloom Metallic Customizable Spanish LifePlanner™

Best-Selling PetitePlanner Bundle

Colorblends Metallic Customizable Spanish LifePlanner™

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Watercolor Garden Customizable Spanish Teacher Lesson Planner

Best Starter Planners of 2023

Simple starter planners for beginners and specialty planners for those who like to focus on one goal at a time. Whether you’re new to planning, getting back into planning, or want to simplify and streamline your planning, choose your starter planner and get started! You can even combine several starter planners in a folio to create a custom planning system. Choose your folio and add up to four goal-specific PetitePlanners for all your planning needs—monthly planning, meal planning, health and wellness planning … any kind of planning!


Monthly Planner PetitePlanner


Daily PetitePlanners


PetitePlanner Goal Setting Journal

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Best Planners of 2023 for Side Hustles

Streamline and organize your side hustle with a monthly planner. From content creators to freelancers, consultants, artists, and anyone who wants to transform a gig into a success story, our monthly planners are designed for you. Use this calendar and notebook organizer for setting your side hustle goals, making a plan, calendaring your schedule and due dates, and tracking your progress!

Beautiful Change Monthly Planner

Beautiful Change Monthly Planner

Create Your Own Monthly Planner

Create Your Own Monthly Planner

Star Wars Destiny Monthly Planner

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Best Planners of 2023 for Starting a Business

Start your business off right with the right planner. The planner that started this business is the LifePlanner™. Over three million sold, people around the world still rely on the ultra-customizable LifePlanner™ to shape their dreams into reality. For those who prefer a guided planner over a customizable one, our Goal Setting Planner will help you turn your vision into goals and guide you along each action step to help you start your business. Then there are those who like our Focused Planner™–a minimal weekly organizer focused on function–so they can organize their business their way, without any guided tips and prompts.

Blush Vegan Leather LifePlanner™

Blush Vegan Leather LifePlanner™

A5 Goal Setting Planner

A5 Goal Setting Planner

Cobalt Arch Vegan Leather Focused Planner™

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Best Wedding Planner Books of 2023

Wedding planner books are trending DIY musts for engaged couples. This budget-friendly customizable wedding planner, calendar, journal, and keepsake book in one has everything you need to plan your dream wedding. From expert tips to wedding checklists to trackers for vendors, venues, budgeting, rentals, and so much more!

Green Wedding Shoes Roses and Pearls Wedding Planner

Green Wedding Shoes Roses and Pearls Wedding Planner

Green Wedding Shoes Happy Blooms Wedding Planner

Green Wedding Shoes Happy Blooms Wedding Planner

Create Your Own Wedding Planner

Shop All Wedding Planners

Shop All Wedding Planners

Best Astrology Planners of 2023

Plan a bright future with stylish astrology planners! Both trendy and timeless, the best zodiac planners combine the top features of a calendar, organizer, and journal so you can stay centered, achieve your goals, and create your own magic.

Featuring all zodiac signs to complement every style and personality, Erin Condren astrology planners and calendar journals can help you keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so you can stay focused on what matters most. The best zodiac planners are also cosmically-cool tools for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and make more time for self-care and the things that bring them joy (stargazing, anyone?).

Erin Condren journal planners are designed with proven layouts and offer a variety of features and tools to help meet all your writing, planning, and tracking needs. These zodiac planners are also customizable so you can use them to create your own star chart journal, track your habits along with the moon cycle, set personal and professional goals, reflect on your journey and accomplishments, and so much more.

For anyone who's not into astrology but simply love brilliant star designs, there's a Starry Sky Planner for you, too! Tap into the power of the stars to stay organized, motivated, and inspired.

Colorblends Wellness Log PetitePlanner

Astrology LifePlanner™

Colorblends PetitePlanner Meal Planner

Hello Kitty Colorful Zodiac Planners

Flora PetitePlanner Gratitude Journal

Starry Sky On the Go Folio Planning System

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Enhance Your Planner with Snap-In Accessories

Interchangeable covers, sticky notes, and productivity dashboards you can snap into your spiral planner. Our snap-in planner accessories include bookmarks, planner covers you can swap out at any time to change the look of your book, designer sticky notes, and wet-erase, double-sided dashboards. Our dashboards are ideal for to-do lists, weekly schedules, daily routines, meal planning, habit tracking, self-care, and more. Perfect for adding more custom organization to your favorite Erin Condren spiral planner (they fit our notebooks, too)!

Colorblends Wellness Log PetitePlanner

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Colorblends PetitePlanner Meal Planner

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Flora PetitePlanner Gratitude Journal

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Explore our full collection of planner best sellers and create an organization system that helps you reduce stress, reach your goals, and free up more time for whatever brings you joy!