Top 5 Family Organization Tips and Tools

Top 5 Family Organization Tips & Tools

Family organization during uncertain times is essential, but it can feel like an ever-moving goalpost. Fortunately, there are ways to get organized as a family in a manner that reduces stress and gives you back control of your schedule (and sanity).

Keep the chaos of the world out of your home with our top 5 family organization tips and tools you can start using today.

1. Start with a Family Organizer You Can Customize (So You’ll Use iI).

Use a family organizer book

A simple, straightforward way to get organized as a family (for real) is to use a dedicated family calendar made just for you. A custom family organizer can be a fun, screen-free way to connect as a family, get organized, and prepare for the week ahead.

Also a great modeling tool for kids to learn time management, our custom Family Organizer Book is intentionally designed to help your whole family manage its schedules, to-dos, and more while freeing up more time to create new memories together. It’s the perfect book for all of us who never got around to completing our kids’ baby books!

2. Convert Unused Wall Space into a Vertical Family Organization Station.

Repositionable Weekly Planning Whiteboard

Get creative with your untapped wall space in common areas and turn them into a stylish organization station with wall organization centers and acrylic wall calendars that keep you organized while complementing your home decor. Leverage your vertical space to display a custom wall calendar or tracker to manage your family schedule, monthly planning, chores, meal planning, and more.

3. Plan It All (Family, Work, and Personal Life) in a LifePlanner™.

Organize everything in a LifePlanner

If you prefer a personal planner to organize all the things in one neat place, the LifePlanner™ is your new bestie. It’s the ultimate everything planner for a reason, and it’s highly customizable so you can create the perfect planner that fits your style, schedule, and family organization needs.

Here are a few ways busy people like to use the LifePlanner™ to turn everyday chaos into a well-planned life:

  • Monthly Planning: Use the LifePlanner™ calendar pages to create a big-picture view of everything on your plate for the month (important dates and events for work, school, family, self-care, and more).
  • Goal Setting: Map out your goals for the year with the goal-setting section.
  • Productivity: Track productivity – for each family member, for work, for anything you like – with the monthly productivity pages.
  • Journaling: Use the ample note pages to journal, take notes, jot thoughts, family memories and milestones, affirmations, anything!
  • Memory keeping: After filling a year in the LifePlanner™, you’ll have a keepsake book of your and your family’s full, memory-filled life.

Explore the LifePlanner™ Collection to see which styles and planning layouts (hourly, daily, or weekly) would help you and your family get organized, reduce stress, and thrive, your way.

4. Save Time with Pre-Printed Notepads for Recurring Family To-Dos and Lists.

Family Organization Tips - Save time with pre-printed family notepads

Everyone, families especially, could use more time. Free some of it up for what matters most by using custom notepads for your family’s recurring monthly and weekly events and schedules, chores, grocery lists, habit tracker notepads, and more. Personalize and customize notepads for your family and start enjoying this simple, smart, time-saving organization hack today.

5. Get the Kids Involved with a Cute Kids Planner.

Family Organization Tips - Get the kids involved

Since you're modeling healthy family organization with your life planner and productivity tools, let the kids help out! Including them in age-appropriate family organization is great for family bonding and confidence-building. If you have a little one who loves stickers, drawing, learning, and fun characters from Star Wars and Hello Kitty, then you’ll find something they’ll love in our Kids Planner Collection. It’s full of kid-friendly planners (also journals, sketchbooks, and more) that entertain them with engaging activities (did we mention lots of stickers?!) while teaching them early concepts of organization that can benefit them for a lifetime.

Bonus Tip for Homeschooling Families: Use a Dedicated Homeschool Planner.

Family Organization Tips - Homeschooling Families, Use a Homeschool Planner

Homeschooling families have a unique set of organizational challenges. Juggling lesson plans, extracurricular activities, and your own schedule can feel overwhelming. That's where a dedicated homeschool planner can be a lifesaver. A homeschool planner is specifically designed to help homeschooling families stay on track and organized. The Erin Condren Homeschool Planner includes weekly planning pages for lesson plans, monthly calendars for scheduling and tracking dates throughout the year, checklist pages for tracking grades and progress, space for logging curricula and resources, note pages, and so much more. Plus, it's undated, so you can customize it to fit your family's needs. Take control of your homeschooling day and make the most of your time together as a family with a homeschool planner you can customize for your unique family organizational needs.

Learn more by exploring Homeschooling Essentials: Your Top 10 Homeschool Must-Haves.

More Organizing Tools the Whole Family Can Use

There are so many ways to get organized – from office and home organization like desk accessories, wall organizers, and calendars to travel organization must-haves like bags, totes, and backpacks. With the right tools, organization can be simple, attainable, even fun, so you have more time for making new family memories.

Explore our full line of best sellers to create an organization system designed to help you enjoy the benefits of a more organized home, family, and life.

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