10 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the idea of a large life change or shift in habits! That's why we've broken down 10 helpful steps to ensure you're living your healthiest and happiest life!

1) Take the stairs.

Whenever you have the option, choose to take the stairs (sorry elevator music fans)! It's a small change with big benefits that will give you a quick burst of energy!

2) Plan workout dates with your friends.

Make workouts a much more fun experience by making plans with friends to go on "workout dates"! Combine a catch-up sesh with a kick-butt cardio class! Don't forget to log your physical activity in the Erin Condren Wellness Log!

3) Swap soda for water & tea.

Exchange that daily carbonated beverage for water or tea! Whether you're making spa water at home with fun fruit enhancers or brewing a cup at the office, this quick switch will make a difference!

4) Meal plan & grocery shop in advance so you have healthy foods on hand.

Don't resort to the closest restaurant on Postmates! Meal plan the Sunday before the work week so you have a game plan going into it! Bonus: save time by making enough for healthy and hearty lunch leftovers!

5) Carry healthy snacks.

Write out a grocery list of healthy snacks to pack & carry with you on the go so you're less likely to make impulsive, less nutritious choices! Fruits, veggies or staples like turkey jerky are excellent alternatives.

6) Park farther away from store entrances for added steps.

Resist the temptation to take the first spot outside the entrance to your store! Parking farther away ensures you add more steps to your daily total!

7) Plan small, non-food-related rewards.

Reward yourself with something other than food! If you crush that test, nail that interview or simply survive the work week, plan a fun treat like a massage or manicure as a special reward!

8) Stop eating after 8 pm.

If possible, cut down on late-night snacking by eating an earlier dinner and not eating after 8 pm. Not only does this allow your body to burn fat while you sleep, but it also prevents heartburn and indigestion!

9) Buy cute workout clothes to inspire you.

Everything's more fun with a colorful outfit! Find bright, happy workout clothes that reflect your personality and that are easy and enjoyable to wear!

10) Don't forget to meditate!

Whether you love to start your day with a mindfulness meditation or you set an alarm at work to take some "me time," don't forget to schedule time for reflection! Another great opportunity: writing in a Gratitude Journal before bedtime! Mental health is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle!