How to Organize Your Desk to Optimize Personal Productivity

What does your desk say about you?

The way you organize your workspace can speak volumes about your behavior and have a direct impact on your working habits. Picture your current workspace. Is it organized to drive or distract your creativity and productivity?

Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, homeschooler, freelancer or executive, your way of thinking, organizing, and working is unique and should be supported, not stifled, by your workspace.

Here are three dazzling desktop designs to inspire harmony between your personal working style and desk organization, for optimal productivity.

The Cute, Colorful & Creative Desk

If light, color and a stimulating sensory ambiance ignite your best ideas and innovation, then this desk layout is chock-full of inspiration. Designed for energetic creatives who crave brilliant, bold hues, this workspace is a playground for the imagination, featuring fabulous flower designs, vibrant patterns, pretty pens & pencils, adorable stickers, a personalized LifePlanner™ and more! This desk is organized to encourage goal-setting, creativity and productivity in those who thrive in bright and beautiful places.

Productivity Tip

Even naturally enthusiastic people need to warm up their productivity engine. Instead of jumping right to work, write down what you want to accomplish during the present working or study session in your planner. For a fun energy boost, write your list using colorful markers and goal stickers. Then get to work and be amazed at how much more you get done!

The Functional & Fashionable Minimalist Desk

Ever feel like desk clutter clouds your thinking? This minimalist desk dressed in functional and fashionable organization essentials might be for you! Note the neutral stain-finish of the hardbound notebook, the sophisticated and subtle designs of the Petite Journal and stylish writing tools. Style lives here, not clutter! This desk organization is ideal for those who are most productive in simple, sleek, streamlined spaces.

Productivity Tip

There’s more than one type of clutter that can trip up focused workers. Smartphone distractions. Text, email, and social notifications crashing your clean and organized flow state is no fun. Turn them off—set a timer if you must. Don’t be surprised if you don’t miss them, especially when you get more work done in less time!

The Rise and Shine Desk

Metallic is trending! For those who like all things shiny and chic, this showstopping desktop design has everything you need. Rise and shine with a collection of EC metallic sensations: from metallic monthly deskpads and LifePlanners™ to metallic clipboards and the must-have Shine On Clutch for carrying metallic markers and stickers! This stunning desk organization is great for those whose productivity is sparked in sparkly spaces.

Productivity Tip

This is for the perfectionists. Write at the top of your to-do list “prioritize progress over perfection.” This is a great reminder to accept closure when completing a task and check it off the list and move on. No more sabotaging productivity in pursuit of perfection. You got this!

Which desk best fits your personality and style? See anything that inspires your own desk makeover?