How To Set Your WFH Desk Up for Success

You spend more time than ever at your WFH desk. While we can't control the pandemic, we can control the organization and style of our workspace.

Here are our top 10 WFH desk organization tips you can use today to get organized, improve your productivity, and set your home workspace up for success.

1. Give yourself space to work.

In the office, everything has its place, but your at-home workspace may be in the kitchen, shared with family members, in a dedicated home office, or maybe it changes from day to day. Wherever it is, find a dedicated space to set up your work desk so you have adequate room to breathe, focus, and work productively (and comfortably).

WFH desk organization inspiration by @cozyandclutterfree, featuring Erin Condren Binder Planner

2. Minimize the clutter with desk organizers.

Clutter can negatively affect your brain and your work. So, if you find it difficult to focus or notice your productivity slipping, take a moment to clear the clutter. Keep only what you need on your desk stored in desk organizers; organize and stash the rest.

3. Decorate your desk to motivate and inspire!

Motivation and inspiration are powerful tools you can control to positively influence your mood and work performance. Accessorize while you organize your workspace with desk décor, accessories, and more that motivate and inspire you.

4. Adjust your lighting to improve your focus and energy.

Well-lit workspaces can improve your focus, energy, and productivity. Natural light is best; so, try filtering more natural light to your work desk. If that’s not possible, consider natural light lamps with adjustable settings. This is a handy tool when working late or in winter when the sun sets before the workday is done.

5. Make a to-do list and keep it on your desk.

This is an easy and effective productivity hack. Downloading your daily tasks from your head onto paper (or a wet-erase desk stand, whiteboard, etc.) can free up valuable headspace and help you prioritize your to-dos so you can work smarter, not harder. Keep that list visible on your desk to help you stay on task and maximize your productivity.

6. Leverage your vertical spaces.

Your workspace is not limited to the surface of your WFH desk. Use those vertical spaces above and below your desk to organize, store, and plan. Free up more space to work and keep the clutter clear using wall organizers with storage accessories above your desk and file cabinets below.

7. Create a smart storage system.

Have a lot of papers and office supplies to wrangle? A smart way to control stubborn desk clutter is to use a storage system that doubles as desk decor! You can organize your WFH desk with stylish pencil and pen holders, paper trays, desk organizers, even portable organizer caddies (in addition to leveraging those vertical spaces we talked about in tip #6).

8. Get a color-coding system going.

Whether you love beautiful bright colors or sophisticated neutrals, harness the power of your favorite colors to color-code, organize, and stylize your desk. Create a color-coded organization system using functional and fashionable desk accessories and organization tools that help you organize, store, and retrieve the things you need quickly and efficiently.

Organization inspiration by @plansarahplan, featuring Erin Condren Nesting Organizer Tray Set

9. Reduce noise pollution in your workspace with stress-free timers.

Noise pollution can drain your focus and reduce your productivity. You may be surprised by how much noise competes for your attention on a daily basis—from alarms, notifications, phone calls, ambient noise, and more. While you can’t control noise pollution coming from outside your home, you can minimize it inside by limiting digital notifications during working sessions and using stress-free timers (instead of alarms) like hourglasses.

10. Change it up to keep it fresh.

It’s not easy working from home for so long, but simply refreshing your desk can refresh the whole energy of your workspace (plus, it just feels good!). If you start to feel uninspired by your WFH setup, or are just in the mood to change things up, it’s time to treat yourself to new desk organization tools and accessories.

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