Did you know that working in a brightly lit space can actually improve your memory and ability to learn? In fact, most Americans spend the majority of our time indoors; so brightening our workspaces can have a serious impact on our productivity and happiness.  

Try these tips for adding more color and light to your office for a happier, more productive workspace!

1. Let there be light.

One study of more than 1,600 American workers found that natural light and outdoor views are the most sought-after elements for employees. 47% of those who did not have enough access to natural light reported feeling tired at work. So, prioritize natural light and outdoor views when organizing your home office space or capitalize on this perk at your office. If you’re in an office that doesn’t provide enough natural light, schedule brief breaks throughout the day to walk outside for some sunlight.

Let there be light
photo: Simone Rae, Unsplash

Don’t forget to check the brightness of your workspace light fixtures. Light design experts recommend bulbs with 3,000-6,000 lumens for office work. The absolute minimum is 1,200 lumens. If your current overhead lighting is outside of the recommended range, change your bulbs to help make your workspace more productive.

2. Decorate with the right colors for you.

Wall colors can impact our mood. One design expert recommends painting your office walls in a color that activates your productivity motor. Some people prefer to work with stimulating colors like bright reds, oranges and greens. Others work better with calming colors like natural ocean blues or garden greens. Whether you’re repainting a home office or decorating a cubicle, choose a color that works best for you.

3. Hack your mood with plants.

Adding plants to your workspace can help reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness and help you be more productive. One psychology researcher explained that plants in the workplace can keep employees “psychologically engaged” in your space. Add a little green to your home office or desk at work to enjoy a natural mood boost and productivity bump!

Hack your mood with plants
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4. Improve your focus with a desk lamp.

Use a desk lamp that doubles as décor and a dedicated task light. This is great for enhancing your workspace with strategic and decorative lighting while helping you avoid eye strain for certain tasks like reading and writing.

Desk lamp
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5. Consider unconventional workspaces.

If you work remotely and don’t have the ideal home office, try unconventional workspaces. Some people find being in low-key public spaces like cafes and bookstores force them to focus, while others love the silence of libraries and museums. Wherever you get your best work done (even if it’s at your cozy kitchen table), make it work for you!

6. Warm up your space with a rug!

Adding a cozy rug to any office can be a simple and functional way to warm up any workspace, keeping both your feet and heart warm as you work.

 Warm up your space with a rug!
photo: Mandy Liz, Unsplash

7. Add colorful, functional desk accessories.

The way you organize and decorate your desk can make all the difference for your focus and productivity. Clear the clutter by sorting your papers, pens, paper clips and other office supplies with colorful, functional desk accessories and organizers. A clean desk space with bright pops of color and personality can make your office a fun and focused place to do your best work.

Add colorful, functional desk accessories
Add colorful, functional desk accessories

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