When I started this personalized stationery business from my home years ago, there really wasn't anything online that thrilled me. Everything online seemed so static and I tend to think outside the box! I always loved creating my own unique Christmas cards, birthday invitations, thank you notes and more. After several home shopping parties, I decided it was time to offer my collection to the world.

I created a website that could showcase custom paper products that would include photo cards, address labels, gift labels, custom business cards, and even a personalized growth chart. As time went on and my company grew, I merged with a fine art printing company that opened the door to so many customizable possibilities...i truly felt like a kid in a candy store with all the digital printing equipment and fine art giclee printing capabilities. We were able to add wrapping paper, canvas enlargements with personalized borders, and soon we will be offering custom wallpaper and more! I am proud to say we design and print all products in house, with the exception of our custom iPhone cases.