In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to introduce you to our newest giveback collection featuring artist Indira Prieto. 

This Hispanic and Latino/a/e/x Heritage Month collection is full of beautiful, functional organizational essentials and is a part of our ongoing Heritage and Awareness Months series that has given back over $240,000 in support of social justice, education, equitable healthcare, and more. It gives back to the National Hispanic Institute through October 15, 2023 and continues to support the featured artist for a full year.

To date, the National Hispanic Institute has served over 100k high school and college students by creating experiences that engage them in community leadership roles that advance their quality of life.

Shop the full collection here, or keep scrolling to learn more about Indira Prieto, see her painting behind the scenes, and shop by design!

About Indira Prieto

Erin Condren 2023 Hispanic and Latino/a/e/x Heritage Month Collection - Featured Artist Indira Prieto

I am an artist from Cuba that has called Miami home for the past 14 years. My artwork is often textured with vivid colors and rich patterns, making Spanglish and Latinas the center of my designs and compositions. My aesthetics are inspired by my people, nature, and culture. It is my pleasure to share my art with all of you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. 

You can follow Indy on Instagram at @theindysign and visit her website at

Indy’s Designs and Inspiration

Our collaboration with Indy features four of her joyful, vibrant designs across lined notebooks, 100% cotton canvas tote bags, and our best-selling LifePlanners.

My designs are filled with colors I love, and I love even more incorporating them. Flowers and fruits from the tropics are the main characters of my designs, portraying elements of my country and my culture. During my childhood in Cuba, tropical flowers were part of our daily life at home and everywhere, and fruits were essential to our summers. So these pieces hold a special place in my heart.

Metallic Linda and Fierce

Bold colors, imagery, and living Spanglish illustrate the dynamic artistic style Indy is known for.

What could be more beautiful and fierce than a starry night? I have always been inspired by it, the time of the day when I get more creative.

Shop everyday organizational essentials featuring Indy’s Metallic Linda and Fierce design.

Go for It

Sweet, happy, and with inspirational typography to boot! This “Go for It” design makes us want to do just that.

Like a tropical fruit bowl, dreams are lovely in your head – but when you make a plan and go for it, that’s when life gets sweet!

Shop personalizable gifts and self-gifts featuring Indy’s Go for It design.

Summer Florals

Calling all fabulous floral lovers! This colorful design evokes serenity and endless smiles.

This design was inspired by warm weather, summer colors, and Caribbean flowers.

Shop planning tools and accessories featuring Indy’s Summer Florals design.

Mariposas Dream

“Mariposa” means butterfly in Spanish. Mariposas Dream — from its Spanglish title to its iconic imagery — makes us want to fly!

Butterflies inspire me, they symbolize rebirth and transformation. My dream world is filled with them.

Shop planning tools and accessories featuring Indy’s Mariposas Dream design.

Interview with Indira “Indy” Prieto

Get to know a little more about Indy and see why we’re so thrilled to work with her on this joyful, colorful collaboration!

EC: When you’re painting or designing, what do you feel and how does that translate into your work?

Indy: As an artist, creating my work makes me feel alive and connected to my roots and my identity. It is my way of expressing myself and representing my culture. From my color choices and the visual style of my illustrations to the actual message, it is all created to celebrate and empower the culture and diversity of the Latinx community.

EC: What is your favorite art technique(s) and why?

Indy: I started creating letterforms by playing with brush pens. It made it easy to create depth with 3D effects, blending different color tones, and drawing thinner and thicker strokes. That all allowed me to find my visual style. The stronger I felt about my lettering, I knew I needed to find my niche, meaning not only caring about the visual style of my illustrations but also what I was saying. My first Spanglish piece was ‘This Girl Runs On Cafecito’, and the engagement I got was wild, so I knew there was something there. So I kept pushing and exploring, and illustrating on the iPad with Procreate made it so much easier and faster to create a final result that I could share with my audience.

EC: How do you want others to respond to or interact with your art? What do you hope it makes them feel?

Indy: I hope I can make others feel inspired to create, to embark on new projects, to spark positivity and joy. Adding a pop of color and life to people’s working tools is so meaningful to me.

Shop the Full Collection

Erin Condren does a fantastic job at representing and supporting diverse artists from so many backgrounds. They amplify voices from our communities while supporting social justice causes, education, or healthcare. It is a true honor to be part of the Erin Condren community and represent the Latinx and Cuban cultures with this collection.

Your purchase matters. Explore tote bags, notebooks, interchangeable covers, and LifePlanners featuring Indira “Indy” Prieto’s delightful designs in our  Hispanic and Latino/a/e/x Heritage Month collection. Thank you for helping us give back! 

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