7 Tips for a Stress-Free Back to School

Learn how to get organized, reduce stress, and set yourself and your kids or students up for a successful, joyful back to school.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you understand all too well how stressful back to school can be these days for everyone involved. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why our team of parents, teachers, and planners has curated practical tips and tools you can use to help make the upcoming season more organized, hopeful, and stress-free.

1. Plan a week ahead.

Professor Nora Alva, Ph.D., recommends using a lesson planner to help you plan the upcoming week every Sunday. Planning ahead with an organization tool designed for educators, tutors, and homeschooling parents will help keep you organized, reduce stress for you and your students, and give everyone a better handle on what the week has in store.

The tool Dr. Alva recommends is the Teacher Lesson Planner, which is perfect for ensuring the kids get the most out of every lesson. Explore our full Teacher Lesson Planner collection (in English and Spanish)!

2. Incorporate some of the school schedule into your at-home routine.

Middle school teacher, Ms. Gray, recommends creating a weekday schedule at home that’s similar to the school day. This helps students have a consistent routine—if they’re learning remotely or are on a hybrid learning schedule—and a smooth transition back to the classroom.

3. Give students the tools they need to succeed.

Set students up for success with custom organization tools that help reduce screen fatigue, help them manage stress, and make staying organized easier and more effective (and more fun!).

Did you know that writing things down in a paper planner can help students (and all of us!) improve learning, memory, and productivity? (

For older students, help them organize their classes, assignments, projects, exams, and more with a planner they’ll actually use and enjoy. Help them choose and personalize an Academic Planner – the ideal combo of a homework planner, school agenda, and productivity notebook in one – with colors and designs that motivate and inspire them.

Show students how to maximize the benefits of this popular planner by sharing How to Reduce Stress and Achieve Academic Goals with an Academic Planner.

For elementary school kids, help teach them the basics of time management, keeping a reading log, and checking off to-do lists with a starter Kids Planner. The engaging activities, stickers, and confidence-building “about me” sections help entertain kids while introducing them to early concepts of keeping a routine, using a calendar, and more.

4. Get the whole family organized and motivated for a better, brighter back to school.

Back to school is not just for kids! The whole family can connect and organize everyone’s schedules (for work, school, and more) all in one Family Organizer Book. It’s the new go-to family tool to control the chaos, calendar important dates (from appointments to school breaks and more), set family goals, track to-dos, develop healthy habits together, and plan ahead, one week at a time. It’s also a fun, screen-free way to teach kids time management.

5. Practice the new back-to-school routine before school starts.

Ease students (and yourself!) back into a post-pandemic school schedule by practicing one to two weeks before. Use the school schedule to make a practice weekday schedule that includes getting up at the same time, having lunch at the same time, and going to bed at the same time. Use a weekly planner or weekly schedule pad to make it happen. Once you find the right rhythm, try adding pick-up and drop-off times and recess breaks for younger kids, and so on.

6. Manage stress by having a plan.

One of the best ways to manage stress and prepare for the unexpected is to write down a plan. This makes it easier to be resilient and adjust your plans, not your goals, when life throws you a curveball. That way, no matter what the new school year brings, you and your students will be prepared.

7. Be patient with yourself and your kids or students.

With every new school year comes a new set of changes and transitions. Give yourself and the kids the time (and grace) you need to get organized, streamline your new schedule, and prepare for a new season full of possibilities.

Explore our full Back to School collection for more ways to set you and the kids up for success all school year long.

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