Back to School = Backpack Organization Time

Back to school is fast approaching and we're here to help tackle the trusty topic of organization … this time with your must-have backpack! Whether you prefer to carry yours on your back or pull it on wheels, we've got tips for keeping it organized.

Step 1: Start with a clean and empty backpack.

If you purchased a new backpack, you can disregard this step, but if you're working with a backpack from years past, make sure you've thoroughly emptied it so you can start with a clean slate.

Step 2: Organize your school supplies by how often you use them!

Determine which school essentials you'll use every day, some days, or rare days. Smaller items that you use everyday can go in your backpack’s outer pocket. Then, start stacking your books, notepads, and all your school supplies from the bottom up based on how often you use them.

Step 3: Keep loose school supplies organized in cases and pouches.

Let’s face it, most backpacks are bursting with a ton of school supplies. And even when you organize them all in your backpack before school, keeping it that way is tricky. Make it easy to wrangle, organize, store, and carry loose markers, rulers, sticky notes, and more with zippered cases and pouches.

Step 4: Keep like-subject items together in your backpack.

If you have dedicated folders , notebooks , or binders for specific subjects, keep those textbooks and organizational essentials all together so you won't forget a thing when prepping for class.

Step 5: Keep additional and seasonal things at the top of your backpack.

If you have art only this semester, add your case with the paintbrushes and essentials at the top so you can easily switch them out for additional items when you finish the class.

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