Seen all over the world and throughout history, embroidery is a trend I’ve personally admired for years. I just love that we were able to recreate this age-old art with digital “stitching” to mimic the classic woven style of needle point. Our lead designer, Aby, worked with me to properly depict this stunning artistry…and FLORAL STITCHES was born!

While I’ve had this concept of embroidery in the back of my mind for years and we’d discussed it together, Aby became especially inspired after returning from a recent trip to Mexico with a beautiful embroidered bag. Her love of the pattern led to a brainstorm session on how best to bring this bold stitching to life! (Don’t be confused- the bag pictured is our very own EC Tote Bag featuring Floral Stitches!)

Such intricate detailing is no easy task! Aby and I worked together adding or deleting “stitches” to the different design elements until it truly looked like we both wanted. Her attention to detail is so impressive that the design actually looks like real embroidery in person! The personalized “stitch” font is the perfect finishing touch, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Fun fact: the brush Aby used in Illustrator to get that very fine “stitched” look in the type and lines was the same brush she used to hand-draw the “lace” design!

Want to read even more about Aby and her incredible designs & inspirations? Enjoy this blast from the (blog post) past & read how the original butterflies design (now back with a fresh new twist) was born!


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