Spring cleaning is not just for tidying and organizing our homes. It’s great for cleaning up our schedules, tracking habits & decluttering our lives too (plus it feels AMAZING)!

Organization is a lifestyle. Disorganized habits, like litter in your garden, can truly cramp your style. Taking a little extra time to track habits will prevent them from making your life harder (and messier) than it needs to be.

Spring cleaning season is the best time to clean it ALL upall the apps, videos, streaming subscriptions and whatever distracts you from the things you want to get done right now. Author Adam Grant calls this attention management, or “the art of focusing on getting things done for the right reasons, in the right places and at the right moments.”

Here’s a quick and easy way to get started. Write down all the habits and distractions that keep you from focusing on your most important tasks. Once you have your list, create pen and paper trackers for spring cleaning your schedule and managing those habits on a daily basis. People use these trackers to monitor how habits, distractions, moods and situations influence their lives. It can be stickers in your planner, a habit tracker notepad, a page in a notebook or a piece of paper taped on the wall.

Erin Condren Habit Tracker Stickers are especially popular around spring cleaning time. Fun and functional, they offer both blank default stickers and ones you can customize with the habits you want to track. It’s a simple and colorful way to clean up habit clutter and STICK to a streamlined schedule!

Illustrator Cecile Lu keeps track of good habits like yoga, exercise, sleep and taking Vitamin D in her journal, tracking each daily activity with a lovely heart.

We asked Lu, the creator of Cissy’s Art Café, for some advice for creating a new habit tracker. When starting out, she recommends keeping it simple by tracking a few important parts of your life: sleep, exercise or certain goals. “I recommend only trying to track a few things,” she says. “It’s really overwhelming if you try to track too many things at once!”

Lu also described how anybody can start a habit tracker at home:

“Start with a simple gridded chart, like the ones I do! Use the days of the month at the top and the habits you want to track on the other side. You don’t need to be artistic at all to make a chart like that. To fill it in, you can just color in the square, or draw little dots. Keep it really simple and easy so that using the tracker can become a habit for you.”

Once you make your chart, ask yourself each day: did I do this good or bad habit today? If you did, mark the chart. If you didn’t, don’t mark the chart. In just a week, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of how your habits influence you!

More spring cleaning inspiration for your schedule! Here are additional trackers others have created and shared with us:

  • AvaLove created a simple but beautiful spring flower mood tracker in her dot grid journal: “I have a scale on the side of my moods, which I think helps adjust to whatever I’m feeling.”
  • One woodworker made a magnetic habit tracker in his workshop. This one may be a bit on the elaborate side, but we love the simplicity it illustrates: all you need is a small calendar page, adding a dot whenever you do the habit.

So many ways to take spring cleaning to the next level for a more organized (and delightful) schedule! Now let’s get it done so we can have some fun!

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