Fun Ways to Use a Blank Notebook

If you love collecting notebooks, you aren’t alone. There are so many beautiful designs available, and it’s easy to feel inspired when a fresh, blank notebook catches your eye. The trouble is following through on that inspiration and figuring out what to do with an empty notebook. You don’t want the notebook to go unused, except for a short, one-off journal entry, holiday wish list, or a few doodles.

Fortunately, there are many ways to use your new notebook (or notebooks, if you’ve gathered a collection). From cooking and developing recipes to tracking projects and trips, a blank notebook is the first step to a rewarding journey.

Get Started With Your Favorite Notebook Design

Notebooks have come a long way from your school days. While standard-lined notebooks are still good for note-taking, modern notebooks are multi-purpose. Made from thick paper, Erin Condren notebook pages hold up to having recipes, article clippings, photographs, and even fabric samples taped or pasted onto them.

These open layout notebooks also come with a choice of page designs: standard college-ruled, lines + checklists for productivity tracking, dot grid pages for bullet journaling, graph pages for math and charts, and blank pages for sketching and anything you like. These options make it easy to use your new notebook in creative ways.

Journal as Often as You Can

Learning how to journal can be incredibly rewarding. It’s one thing to post about your life on social media, but it’s quite another to provide yourself with a record of your private thoughts and daily experiences. Use college-ruled pages for prose or opt for grid-style journaling that allows you to combine written word with sketches that express your mood.

Explore five ways journaling can help you be more calm, mindful, and resilient.

Cook and Develop Family Recipes

Cooking at home is an adventure, and a cooking journal can help you take your meals to the next level. Use a lay-flat or spiral notebook (or a dedicated recipe notebook or binder) and write out (or print out and paste) a recipe on a page. Record your observations as you prepare your food, making note of adjustments, substitutions, and changes in temperatures or times.

You can also record your impressions of the finished dish. Or if you’re cooking for kids, ask them to draw or write “reviews” in the notebook. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved and engaged in meal planning.

Over time, you’ll have a handy, personalized recipe book suited to your kitchen and your tastes. It could even become a treasured keepsake that lets you pass family recipes onto the next generation.

Track Important Projects and Goals

Standard planners are excellent for managing your day-to-day activities, but some projects require focused attention. Using a separate notebook for major endeavors reinforces the project’s priority and allows you to customize in-depth notes, to-do lists, and goal trackers. You can use sticker sheets and sticky notes to highlight milestones and remind you of important tasks on the horizon.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to write in a notebook, here’s a suggestion: Stop worrying about writing! Instead, use your notebook to complete your next art, craft, or hobby project. Use markers and pens to doodle, sketch out designs, or create inspiration collages from fabric and other materials.

You can also use your craft and hobby journal to make supply wish lists or create to-do lists so that you can start — and complete — your next project within a timeline that works for you.

Plan Trips and Record Your Travel Memories

Planning a big trip? Use a new, blank notebook to create a travel checklist so you don’t forget necessary tasks, such as applying for passports, booking flights, or reserving a rental car. Don’t stop there! Include lists of attractions and activities that interest you, a day-by-day trip schedule, and reflections on each day of your trip in your travel journal.

If you’re feeling inspired, check out our extensive collection of personalizable notebooks to get started on your next journaling adventure!