Neutral Mid Century Circles Well-Kept Wipes

$6.50 $4.87

Clean has never looked so cute! These wonderful wipes will wash all of your worries (and stains) away with a simple swipe! Use them on your beloved LifePlanner™, dashboards, interchangeable covers, and digital screens of all sorts - you'll thank us later!
How To Use:

- Remove towelette from pack, making sure to reseal the closure.

- Gently wipe the surface of the dashboard, cover or device you are cleaning.

- Allow approximately 10 seconds to dry.

- Dispose of towelette.

- Make sure to shut the closure to prevent towelettes from over-drying.
Each pack contains 15 pre-moistened towelettes useful for cleaning a variety of electronics and lenses.

- Not to be used for personal hygiene or as baby wipes.

- Keep out of reach from children.

- Do not flush.

- Do not use on contact lenses.
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