Want to step up your organization game, but don’t know the best place to start? Get organization inspiration with fashion, beauty & healthy living influencer Jackie Purdue! Jackie reviews the new, trending Coiled LifePlanner™, breaking down how its features, updates, design & more can help you make 2019-2020 your most organized year yet!

Hi, EC fans, I’m Jackie also known as JaaackJack on YouTube. I’ve been using an Erin Condren LifePlanner™ for the past four years, and each year I love seeing the new changes, upgrades, and surprises. Today, I want to share with you 10 things I love about the new 2019-2020 Coiled LifePlanner™.

1)  This year’s LifePlanner™ design is a geometric dream.

I can’t get enough of the new Kaleidoscope design. I love that it comes with multiple color options: colorful & neutral (and each of those also come in metallic versions!). The colorful option is gorgeous, with bright, vivid hues; and the neutral, my personal favorite, has beautiful icy blue tones.

2) Making goals has never been easier.

Now with additional goals sections before each monthly page, it’s easier than ever to set & achieve your goals. I love that you can customize it and track whatever it is you need to in order to live a productive and more efficient life. It’s also the perfect place to track upcoming birthdays.

3)  I love that the Coiled LifePlanner™ comes with a new storage box!

The inclusion of a new, decorative planner storage box was a welcomed surprise and makes unboxing your new LifePlanner™ a whole new experience! Now you can store your planners in style. It’s also great for storing interchangeable covers, stickers, accessories and more. I can’t wait to add this pretty box to my shelf!

4) I love the new rounded corners of the weekly pages.

I think the new rounded corners design feature adds a subtle and more stylish touch to the LifePlanner™ weekly spreads. It works no matter what type of weekly planner you are. Those who love to cover their pages in stickers can still achieve the same crisp edge look, and those who use more pen and fewer stickers can enjoy the new version of the weekly layouts. I can’t wait to see how everyone decorates their weekly spreads!

5) The high-quality paper is my favorite.

The luxurious, thick paper is one of my favorite things about the LifePlanner™. It’s so nice not to have to worry about your pens bleeding through the page.

6) The new sticker book is absolutely gorgeous.

Along with the new LifePlanner™, Erin Condren usually launches a new edition to their best-selling sticker book. I just love the fun colors of the new Sticker Book – Classic Edition 5, with the awesome kaleidoscope design as well as the little hexagons found throughout the book. This is definitely one of my favorites so far, and it’s the perfect addition to any EC planner you get.

7) The monthly page in the new colorful option is perfection.

I love that the headers of the new LifePlanner™ monthly pages no longer features the giant color-blocked rectangle; this allows more space for creativity and stickers!

8) I absolutely adore the new, matching pens!

This year, with the LifePlanner™ launch, new, matching Kaleidoscope Ball Point Pens were released, and they come in a beautiful, elegant box. I love everything about these pens, especially their weight, which makes them feel nice and luxurious. They also make stylish gifts, so save yourself some time and grab a few.

9) I LOVE the packaging.

There’s something to be said about the packaging that the LifePlanner™ and accessories come in. I love repurposing the packaging in creative and crafty ways. I used the packaging from the Kaleidoscope Snap-In StylizedSticky™ Notes as a bookmark and the cardboard packaging from the Kaleidoscope Snap-In To-Do List Dashboard as part of a decorative picture frame. It’s just so cute, I couldn’t throw it away!

10) Best of all, my LifePlanner™ is more than a planner. It’s a lifestyle.

My life is in my LifePlanner™, so I use it for far more than classic planning & calendaring. I love using it for memory keeping, habit tracking, budgeting … basically everything. I keep it all here in one place to help me stay on track, keep organized and live my best life.

Now I want to hear all about what YOU love about the new Erin Condren LifePlanner™ for 2019-2020. Find me on social @jaaackjack and share your feedback with me. I can’t wait to connect with all of you!

xoxo JaaackJack

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