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Daily LifePlanner™ Duo

Our best-selling daily planner, featuring 12 months of planning by the day, just got better! Now available with weekly note pages (after every Sunday) and each day of the week falls on the same side of your planner all year long!

  • Thick 80 lb. Mohawk Paper (Resists Ink Bleeding)
  • Hand-Coiled in the USA
  • 4 Coiled-In Sticker Sheets
  • Includes 1 Personalizable Cover & 1 Non-Personalizable Cover
  • 2 Sizes Available: A5 or 7" x 9"
  • Dated 12-Month Calendar
  • 2 Six-Month Planners (12 Months Total, Sold as a Set)
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  • 4 interior design options: Harmony Colorful, Harmony Neutral, In
    Bloom, or Colorblends
  • 3 coil color options: platinum, gold, or rose gold
  • Interchangeable covers & fits snap-in accessorie
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  • 12-month 2023 Calendar
  • 2 weekly layout options: horizontal & NEW compact vertical
  • 4 interior design options
  • Compact A5 (5.8" x 8.3") size

Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective way to use a daily planner starts with choosing the right one. Take the Erin Condren planner quiz to discover which planner is right for you. After you've chosen your perfect planner, an easy way to start building good habits is by using your planner every day. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tips For Using a Daily Planner Effectively:

  • 1. At the same time each day, write down your goals, priorities, and/or daily to-dos in your planner. Pro tip: stack daily planning with one of your existing daily habits (when you drink coffee, during scheduled breaks, before bedtime, etc.).
  • 2. Create a system that works best for you. Want to focus solely on work tasks? Separate sections for family/work/personal? Find the rhythm that fits with your life and customize the planner to fit those needs.
  • 3. Record and organize everything all in one place, from daily checklists to shopping lists to budgets, and notes. Using a planner this way will help you remember and keep track of important tasks, appointments, and info throughout the day.
  • 4. It's okay to be messy! No need to stress out about always keeping your planner nice and neat. It’s meant to be used, not kept pristine. Make lists, cross them out, jot notes, doodle, journal, move plans around, do what you need to do to get things done so you have more time for what matters most.
  • 5. Have fun with your daily planner, make it your own, and enjoy how it will help you tame the chaos, reduce stress, and reach your goals!

Organizing your daily planner should start with building good habits for staying on track with your life goals and everyday planning. If you're new to maintaining a planner, start small by setting daily goals and checklists. It's the little things that count here! Follow these other tips for organizing your planner:

  • 1. Set aside a little time each day (or even once a week) to focus on reviewing and planning so that you can prioritize your tasks. This will help you focus your energy and time where it matters most.
  • 2. Use planner accessories such as stickers, folios, pouches, and more to turn your planner into an organization system where you keep everything organized in one convenient place.
  • 3. Color-code your planner notes and checklists with highlighters and pens. This is a fun and simple way to organize the info in your planner.

You can visit one of our three store locations in Austin, TX, Fairfax, VA, or Irvine, CA to get a hands-on experience in personalizing planners, notebooks, and more! We even offer virtual and in-store workshop events to help you stay organized and increase productivity. Discover the latest events and products at an Erin Condren store near you!

Follow these easy steps to start personalizing your planner with your favorite photo:

  • 1. After choosing your planner, click the "Personalize" or "Build Your Planner" button and scroll down past the name personalization option to the "Cover Photo Options" section.
  • 2. Click "Add Back Cover Photo." Then, click on the blank photo boxes with the + symbol to customize and add a photo. (Note: cover photo options may vary depending on the cover design.)
  • 3. For those with front and back cover photo upload options, select "Upload Photos" or "Or Fill With Color." For those with a pre-designed front cover and back cover photo upload option, select "Upload Photos." Photos should be at least 1MB to 2MB in size. Please note: If you're logged into your EC Account and have used our photo upload tool before, you should see those images under the "Local Device" tab.
  • 4. Once an image has been uploaded, click on the image to edit the photo and then click "Add Photo To Design."
  • 5. The photo will appear on the cover design when it has been successfully added.

Get more tips and information on uploading photos from our Erin Condren FAQs.

Busy people often need the detailed tracking that only a daily planner can provide. Whether you’re trying to schedule meetings with clients, picking the kids up from soccer practice, planning your next book club meeting, or setting reminders for important dates, daily planners can help you stay on track and keep your commitments.

Think of a daily planner as a daily calendar that you can carry around with you. At Erin Condren, we’ve adapted our popular LifePlanner™ into the Daily LifePlanner™ Duo to better serve your needs. It comes in two volumes, each covering six months of the year. This keeps the planner to a manageable size while providing you with plenty of space for the detailed notes and tracking you love. We even include separate weekend planning pages!

We also make managing your daily agenda fun with our customization options. Choose between A5 or 7" x 9" planners, interchangeable covers, and the color of your coil binding. Personalize the front cover of your Daily LifePlanner™ Duo with your name or text of your choice. Further customize your daily calendar with snap-in accessories, such as to-do lists and bookmarks, stickers, sticky notes, and our range of writing tools, including pens and colorful markers.