Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

With our Grateful collection & a few tips, we'll have you feeling grateful (in style) year-round!

Grateful & Thankful are two topics that come up often as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, but why wait to reflect back on your blessings only around the holidays?

1) Start a Gratitude Journal

If you're a tactile person and love putting pen to paper (we don't blame you!), start a dedicated Gratitude Journal! Pick a notebook or customize something special that you dedicate just to this purpose. Be consistent and commit to writing in your journal each day, whether it's first thing in the morning or as a reflection before bed. In thinking about your day and finding a highlight to write down, you are able to give thoughtful measure to what you truly do have to be thankful for- even on the worst of days.

2) Meditate

Meditation can be an excellent way to unwind and reflect! Guided meditations centered around thankfulness can be a sweet way to think back on your blessings.

3) Set table traditions centered on gratitude

Make a grateful tradition for your family! Go around the dinner table and recite something that happened that day for which you’re grateful. By reflecting back on the one key moment, you let the positive moments outweigh the negative and end the day on a high note!

4) Add pops of positivity to planning

Whether or not you’re a LifePlanner devotee or detest long-term planning, add pops of positivity to your daily life! Add motivational quote stickers in your planner, set an app to send you a different quote each day and add positivity wherever you can.

5) Turn negatives into positives

If you encounter a situation that doesn’t go your way- whether you get stuck in traffic or have a bad day at work, think about how to spin it into a positive situation. Take a moment and mention what you can be grateful for- even amidst the bad. If you’re stuck in traffic and stressing about being late to work, think about how lucky you are to have a car, to be going to a job, and that you weren’t in the car accident that might be causing the traffic! By putting things in perspective you can easily get back to a place of positivity!

We’re so into being Grateful, we’ve developed a whole collection! From throw pillows and blankets to interchangeable covers and accessories, we love having a stylish reminder to remain GRATEFUL.