Great vacations create memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Did you know that simply planning a vacation boosts more happiness than the actual vacation itself? Here’s how to plan the perfect trip & enjoy every minute of it before it even begins! 

How To Organize a Stress-free Trip

Step 1: Get a travel planner.

Destress and save time by using a planner designed specifically for travel like the PetitePlanner Travel Journal or a Snap-In Travel Dashboard to add a travel planning section to your favorite Erin Condren coiled planner, notebook or LifePlanner™️ Binder!

With travel-savvy planning tools, you can plan the whole trip from vacation anticipation to your vacation destination & back.

Step 2: Keep all your travel documents & details in one place.

Reduce stress when traveling by organizing all your documents & info. Keep your tickets handy in the Travel Planner’s back folder. Use the travel checklists and logs to keep track of hotel information, events and tours, rental cars, confirmation numbers and more all in one place.

Step 3: Create packing lists before packing.

The PetitePlanner Travel Journal breaks packing into easy categories: essentials, clothing, toiletries, technology and everything else you need! Need guidance? See these Top 20 Packing Tips!

Step 4: Plan a complete vacation itinerary.

Plan and list all the landmarks, restaurants, shops and fun places you’ll visit during your vacation, and note helpful info like the weather forecast, helpful phrases in the local language, special laws and cultural standards and more.

Step 5: Log your daily adventures!

With the “Daily Adventures” section of the Travel Journal, you can track your hourly schedule and save priceless memories of the trip.

Step 6: Double the good times by giving back!

Stress-free travel planning is all about designing a vacation you’ll love. So have fun & look for ways to give back during your trip. Have fun and spread kindness everywhere you go!

Author and veteran traveler Pavia Rosati loves finding ways to help others on her journeys. When Rosati took a cruise along the Amazon River, she planned stops at villages where children needed basic supplies. She packed these things and donated them wherever she could.

Helping others along the way will make your vacation more meaningful & memorable!

Want more organizational tools for reducing stress and planning other areas of your life? View the whole collection of Erin Condren PetitePlanners!

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