The holidays are coming, and it’s never too early to plan and outsmart the season’s top stressors: busted budgets, ditched diets, tiresome travel, high-pressure parties and visiting in-laws. There’s nothing we can do about the last one, so let’s focus on planning like a pro for the smoothest, EC-est, most enjoyable season yet. You deserve it. Here are six tips to make it happen.

1. Be proactive about meal planning & party planning.

Between menus, grocery lists, meal prep, guest food allergies and the rigors of hosting, it’s easy for holiday joy to turn on you. Do yourself a favor and let our LifePlanner™ and snap-in dashboards for meal planning,  grocery lists & party planning help save you time and stress. Now you can fully enjoy your meals and parties along with your guests.

2. Enjoy holiday treats, but track your health.

Food is a huge part of the holidays. It’s meant to bring loved ones together, comfort us and delight us. It’s also a popular source of frustration and temptation for those of us making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Striking a balance is hard if you can’t pinpoint where that balance is. With our Snap-In Wellness Dashboard, you can track your diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep so you can have your cake and stay healthy too!  

3. Create a holiday budget & check it twice.

Avoid the typical post-holiday panic by creating a budget now and sticking to it. Track your spending, bills, set financial goals and monitor your progress over the holidays and throughout the year with our PetitePlanner Budget Book. Have fun using the included gold stickers to highlight all of the money you’ll be saving!

4. Leave the stress of holiday travel at home.

Traveling over the holidays is hectic enough! Forget scrambling to keep up with departure times and gate numbers; conveniently keep track of it all in the new PetitePlanner Travel Journal. With travel-themed stickers and a colorful 28-day spread, you can track up to four weeks of reservations, spending, checklists and journal-worthy moments, activities and more! Leave holiday travel stress behind and take this petite and powerful travel planner with you instead.

5. Stay on top of holiday homework.

If you’re a student or you have kids in school, you understand how tempting it is to ignore academic to-dos until the last minute. But procrastinating can undermine festivities with guilt and worry, and that’s no fun. Stay on top of your homework without missing out on happy holiday moments with our smart Snap-In School Tracker Dashboard.

6. Plan for the unplanned in your holiday schedule.

It’s too easy to get caught up in overlapping holiday commitments. A way around that is to plan gaps in your schedule for the unplanned and impromptu fun with these cool, colorful stickers. Place them strategically in your LifePlanner™ to remind you to stop and enjoy the moment, go out with friends, get a massage, or do absolutely nothing and recharge.

Are you ready for the best holiday season yet? Happy EC planning!

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