Back to school is around the corner! Planning ahead helps reduce stress so you’re at your best. Your most organized school year starts here!

Get eight lesson planning tips from educators who use the teacher-approved Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner to plan for scholastic success!

Back-to-School Organization: 8 Teacher Planning Tips

1. Personalize your planner!

Personalization is what makes the planner your own—choose your design & colors, add your name, your favorite quote, you name it!

Teacher Lauren likes personalizing her teacher planner with photographs. “I always do a photo collage for the cover of my planner,” she says. “My students love to see the pictures on it every year and it makes me happy to see my loved ones and pets every time I take it out.”

2. Plan out the school year before Back to School, but stay flexible.

Planning ahead definitely prepares you for what the school year has in store and it’s a great stress management technique.

6th Grade teacher Lauren Elizabeth Keavney starts filling out her Teacher Lesson Planner months before school. Whether you plan the whole year over the summer or plan quarter-by-quarter just before back to school, stay flexible so you can adjust your lesson plans according to your students’ learning styles, performance and adjustments during the year.

If you haven’t started planning yet, no worries! Read Teacher Lesson Planner 101 for help getting started!

3. Add important dates to your monthly spreads, and plan from there.

Adding important dates to your planner first is a great way to start planning with the big picture in mind.

Teacher Erin Klein also likes to put each students’ birthday in her planner as a simple touch but personal touch that your students will truly appreciate!

4. Make the most of your planner graph pages.

Seating charts, schedules, class goals, visual maps of teacher to-dos… Whatever information is most helpful to you in a visual format, that’s what the graph pages are for. Make the most of them!

5. Set up your teacher planner for optimal on-the-go organization.

All Erin Condren planners come with handy page protectors and folders so you can keep your important documents with your planner pages all in one place for easy access in and between classes.

Texas teacher Devan Bremm Livesay‎ has been using the Teacher Lesson Planner for five years and loves keeping her school schedules, class schedules and other important papers conveniently in her planner.

Being able to view everything together in one book is a huge advantage paper planners have over digital planning aids.

6. Keep your planner visible.

Teacher Devan recommends that you “keep the planner visible and open to encourage you to use it—especially if you haven’t used a paper planner frequently.”

7. Track your professional development with your teacher planner.

Teachers do a lot of extra work during and around the school year. Use your Teacher Lesson Planner to record and track it all.

Teacher Erin Klein likes to use the “Year at a Glance” section of her planner to keep track of all the professional development work she does over the course of a year.

8. Add a pop of color & fun to your lesson planning with stickers!

Stickers are not just for students! Teacher Lauren loves stickers and has used them in her lesson planning for years, and she’s not the only one! Planning stickers, especially lesson planning stickers, are popular planning tools among teachers. That’s why each Teacher Lesson Planner comes with four full pages of coiled in stickers! Plus, there’s a whole collection of teacher planning stickers so you can STICK to your plans in style!

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