How To Use Snap-In Accessories on Planners & Notebooks

How To Use Snap-In Accessories on Planners & Notebooks

Learn how to use Erin Condren snap-in accessories to elevate the functionality of your favorite coiled planners, notebooks and binder planners!

How To Use Interchangeable Covers

Customize a new cover for any occasion and celebration. Our original interchangeable technology makes it easy (and fun!) to snap in front and back covers so they’re secure. When you’re ready to switch and swap them for a new look for your book, simply change them out! Shop all cover designs, play with customizing your colors and adding your name, your team, favorite quote, whatever is clever!

How To Use Snap-In Dashboards

From to-do lists, meal planning, budgeting, teaching and more, our snap-in dashboards are perfect for adding extra functionality to your planner or notebook. Double-sided, wet-erase, reusable and repositionable, these snap-in accessories fit all Erin Condren coiled books and binder planners. Make organization a snap with snap-in dashboards!

How To Use Snap-In Sticky Notes

Save time with Snap-In Sticky Notes. Use sticky notes for appointments and tasks that may shift from day to day. When plans change, simply reposition the sticky note. Snap a set right into your planner or notebook so you always have sticky notes on hand in any sticky situation. Explore all sticky notes designs here.

How To Use Snap-In Bookmarks

Never lose your place again. Use our sets of Snap-In Bookmarks to mark important pages, flag time-sensitive info, even use them as color-coding section dividers! Find fun bookmark designs here.

More Planner Accessories You’ll Love

There’s so much you can do to customize and infuse your planner with expanded functionality and inspiration! From stylish Planny Packs (like a fanny pack for your planner!) to fashionable folios, popular Planner Totes (with interchangeable straps!) and so much more. Discover our full collection of planner accessories.

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