We LOVE teachers and are so excited about the updates to this year's Lesson Planner!

We really did our homework and researched how to most effectively enhance productivity...and we're sharing those tips with you!

Communication Log

Our Communication Log was designed to log any conflict and resolutions in the classroom, adapt this two-page spread to fit your needs! I've seen homeschool teachers & students who use this planner use this log as a reading log to keep track of book titles or articles!

Mini Monthly Spread

The 2018-2019 mini monthly spread at the front of the book is a game-changer. I recommend using the colorful circles sticker pack or sticky dots to develop a color coding system for marking school holidays & breaks so you can easily see the big picture and plan breaks & trips accordingly!

Productivity Upgrades

The two-page yearly spread allows you to set goals, note important deadlines or even log student's birthdays! However you like to benchmark the year, this section is for you! A fun idea is to set a classroom goal and fill out these months with your class!

The biggest productivity news here is the new, updated layout! Before each month, you'll find two pages for planning, with 1 lined note page and 1 page with a dedicated dates to remember, lines & a quote. This is a great space to make plans for the month, to fill out your monthly theme and material to be covered before you get into the nitty gritty!

The dated two-page calendar gives you your monthly overview...great for noting faculty meetings, parent teacher conferences, recess duty, and any early or late dismissal times! I love a good colorcoding system with the dual-tip markers & of course adding pops of classroom color with the A+ Style Sticker Pad

Lesson Plans

Here's the big update: now you'll see your lesson plans for the weeks of that month RIGHT BEHIND THE MONTH! Set your intentions, see your month and then plan out those 4 weeks of lessons...this layout is a simple, streamlined and effective way of viewing lesson planning and I know it will help you be your most productive self!

To ensure you're being productive, we've made an adjustment on the lesson planning spreads. The columns used to be pre-printed with "period" and "subject" but we've left that space blank for you so you can designate your columns by class, by student, by book, by theme or by block of time!


Don't forget to track the productivity of your students with the coiled in student checklist pages. These pages allow you to note test scores, work progress, or you can just use them as notes pages.

Add More to Fit Your Needs!

Add extra productivity to your planner in the form of additional checklist pages & sheet protectors! Each Teacher Lesson Planner comes with these essentials, but add more to fit your needs!

Customize to Your Schedule

Coiled-in stickers are ideal for helping you craft a sticker strategy that works for your schedule! I can't wait to see what you achieve with this book! Happy Teaching..and learning.

Check out our video for a visualization of these tried-and-true tips!