We’re giving you fresh ideas for fun and innovative surprises to make this reveal a moment your Little Sister will never forget!

You’ve done it! You rushed a sorority, got initiated and now you’re an active member and it’s time to find out about your new little sister! This special Big & Little relationship is something sacred for each house and chapter. Many houses have activities and traditions associated with the "reveal" of finding out which Big is paired with which Little. While some may plan elaborate scavenger hunts, wear matching costumes or throw a pajama party, the unifying theme is that each Big spoils her Little Sis with a number of greek gifts!

So where do you start when you’re going about shopping for your new little sister!? That’s where we come in! Enter the Erin Condren Sorority collection: a stunning solution to your gifting dilemma!

Perfect for your little, or as gifts for any new member of a sorority, this colorful collection combines organization with celebration of your letters! 25 sororites are represented across 9 different beautiful patterns, making it easy for you to customize something unique to you and your house! Plus, you may as well treat yourself while you’re at it (because who doesn’t deserve a little surprise!)

Sorority LifePlanner™

The ultimate gift for a busy collegiate on the go, the best-selling LifePlanner™ allows you to prioritize and organize your life in style! Set goals, make plans & stay on track while in (and out of) school! With 9 different stunning designs in 25 houses, the customization options are endless!

Sorority Notebook

Wear your letters in style with these stunning designer notebooks! Transform your classroom note-taking and get inspired to get organized with these beautiful books! Take notes at a Panhellenic meeting or keep it in your tote bag for class; the opportunities are endless. Doodle your dreams, make to-do lists and add on the accessories!

Sorority Cover

Interchangeable covers means unlimited options! Switch & swap your cover and transform the look of your coil-bound book! Curate a collection of covers and have fun accessorizing for different occasions! While you may rock a sorority cover at chapter, you can go sleek and sophisticated at your internship.

Sorority Phone Case

Protect your tech: in style! Whether your Little is all about the function of a wallet phone case and loves storing her credit cards on the go or prefers the more streamlined snap-in case, pick a pattern that represents her and personalize with the letters of you house!

Oversized Designer Tote Bag

The perfect grab-and-go tote bag features on-trend designs and turns up the chic factor on an absolute essential. Whether she's toting books to the library or making a simple farmer's market run, your Little will do it all in style!

Acrylic Photo Block

Celebrate special memories (Bid night! First game day! Invite!) and memorialize them on stunning acrylic! This designer piece is perfect for your Little to keep in her bedroom or on her desk as a way to remember the days she doesn't want to forget!

The most important factor in choosing a gift is selecting something unique to her personality, something memorable and something functional that she will actually use! (No need to add another sorority t-shirt to her already growing load!)