Our new Teacher Lesson Planner collection is truly inspired by YOU and designed with feedback from real teachers like you to create the most functional and inspirational lesson planner in the market. It has more new designs, more teacher planner options, more customization options, more everything! It’s designed to truly help educators of all different styles and schedules get organized and continue to educate, motivate & INSPIRE, one lesson at a time.

Fun Fact: 99% of Teacher Lesson Planner users agree that it helps them stay organized, and 93% agree that it helps them reduce stress.*

Three New Teacher Planners: Coiled, Binder, Softbound

The teacher-preferred lesson planner is now available as a coiled planner, a binder planner & a streamlined, softbound Focused Planner!

New Coiled Teacher Lesson Planner: Most Creative, Customizable, Personalizable

For the first time EVER, our coiled Teacher Lesson Planner offers TWO interior design themes for you to choose from: Kaleidoscope and Oh So Retro! This planner is hand-coiled in the USA and has a 12-month calendar where you can choose the start date that works best for your school year. Its key features include rich Mohawk paper, personalizable & interchangeable covers, coiled-in stickers, add-on snap-in accessories and more. For those who crave creativity, fun fused with function and ultimate customization, the coiled Teacher Lesson Planner is the way to go.

New Teacher Lesson Planner Binder: Most Flexible, Durable, Customizable

Another Erin Condren first is the new Teacher Lesson Planner Binder! It has everything you love about the coiled teacher planner—exact same interior pages, same stickers, and all the extras—in a flexible, colorful Oh So Retro 3-ring binder format so you can add, remove, and rearrange pages as you see fit! For those who like the freedom to build and rearrange their planner their way, you’ll love the teacher planner binder.

New Softbound Focused Teacher Lesson Planner: Most Streamlined, Professional, Highly Functional

Yet another Erin Condren first is the all-new Focused Teacher Lesson Planner. This sleek, slim and sophisticated planner was requested by many of the male teachers in our planner community and by those who prefer minimally designed, purely functional planners.

The key features of the Softbound Focused Teacher Lesson Planner include sleek and minimal designs; lay-flat, lefty-friendly & portable; rich 80 lb. paper and streamlined layouts. For those who prefer clean lines, neutral designs and focused functionality, give this focused teacher planner a try.

No matter which lesson planner binding your prefer—coiled, binder or softbound—there's a planner for every teacher who wants to get organized and continue to educate, motivate & inspire the next generation.

How To Use the Customization Options & Extras of the Coiled & Binder Teacher Lesson Planners

From the additional design choices of the coiled lesson planner to the flexibility of the lesson planner binder to more room for notes, new inspiring teacher quotes, holiday stickers and ULTIMATE customization options, these teacher planners are designed to suit YOUR teaching schedule (and style)!

Communication Log

Our Communication Log is included in all our teacher planners and was designed to log any conflict and resolutions in the classroom, adapt this two-page spread to fit your needs! I've seen homeschool teachers & students who use this planner use this log as a reading log to keep track of book titles or articles!

Productivity Features

The two-page yearly spread in all our teacher planners allows you to set goals, note important deadlines or even log student's birthdays! However you like to benchmark the year, this section is for you! A fun idea is to set a classroom goal and fill out these months with your class!

Before each month in all of our teacher planners, you'll find two pages for planning & note-taking with lined pages featuring a fresh inspirational quote & a section of dates to remember. This is a great space to make plans for the month, to fill out your monthly theme and material to be covered before you get into the nitty-gritty!

This year we included more graph pages so you can chart it up & plan it out! Fun and functional ways to use the graph pages include visual to-do maps, seating charts, performance trackers, and even personal habit or mood trackers, budgeting charts and so much more!

Don't forget to track the productivity of your students with the coiled in student checklist pages. These pages allow you to note test scores, work progress, or you can just use them as notes pages.

Dated, Two-Page Calendar

Each calendar spread in all our lesson planners gives you your monthly overview with plenty of room to mark faculty meetings, parent-teacher conferences, recess duty and any early or late dismissal times! There’s also a side column for more notes or lists and a mini-month to plan ahead. Have fun color-coding with the dual-tip markers & adding pops of classroom color with the Too Cool for School Sticker Book - Edition 4!

Lesson Plans

Set your intentions, see your month and then plan out those four weeks of lessons. Designed to help you be your most productive self, this layout is essential to all our teacher planners and is a simple, streamlined and effective way of viewing lesson planning, and it will! This is a great place to use new Customizable Subject Stickers!

Stickers with Every Coiled & Binder Teacher Lesson Planner!

Four new pages of stunning planning stickers come with your planner! They’re the perfect mix of fun & functional and are great for crafting a sticker strategy that works for your schedule!

Fun & Functional Coiled & Binder Teacher Planner Add-Ons

Each coiled & binder Teacher Lesson Planner comes essentials like checklists pages & a sheet protector, but you can add on more to fit your needs! Add extra productivity to your planner with an extra 14, 21 or 28 checklists pages & an extra 1 or 2 sheet protectors!

Interchangeable Covers for the Coiled Teacher Lesson Planner

Add a new Interchangeable Cover as often as you like. Each Teacher Lesson Planner comes with a secure & stylish interchangeable cover so you can refresh your planner look every season, for school events, to match your mood or just because!

Teacher Stationery & Planning Accessories

Add on the new Note From the Teacher Notepad to make sending notes home a seamless & stylish task with this pre-printed & personalized notepad! Or the Substitute Teacher Notepad to ensure success with every substitute!

Expand your lesson planning potential with new teacher planning accessories! From new teacher bundles to folios, Planny Packs, stickers and more, there’s so much NEWNESS in store for you to explore!

*Source: October 2019 Teacher Lesson Planner customer survey, 2,097 respondents