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Y’all. I have found my new favorite travel obsession. You know all those times you go on a trip and then you forget all the details as soon as you get back? The new PetitePlanner Travel Journal from Erin Condren will be your savior

Each journal is broken down into four different sections , perfect for logging seven days of trips at a time. There are handy sections for air travel, confirmation numbers, packing checklists, and then a daily breakdown too. The daily pages let you keep track of your expenses, activities, meals, outfits, and even the weather! The journal is petite enough to keep in a purse or carry-on so that you have it as you’re traveling throughout the day (and not just reflecting at the end of the day).

I have a few trips coming up (both for work as well as for pleasure), so here are my tips for optimizing the PetitePlanner Travel Journal.

Start ahead!

The trip overview has a spot for “Week Before” and “Day Before” for To-Do lists. It’s imperative to plan a trip far in advance so you don’t forget anything. I think we all know the episode of Friends where Rachel decides to go to London and forgets her passport on her nightstand. Don’t be a Rachel! Be a Monica!

Make sure you use the packing list too. How many times have you forgotten a razor or toothbrush on a trip? If you have really important things that you need to remember, be sure you write those down first. Then, check everything off as you pack it. As you’re leaving or checking out, cross off all of the items too. I’ve lost far too many pairs of headphones because I forgot them in the hotel room.

Do your research.

The “Places to Visit” and “Trip Itinerary” pages are so helpful! Chances are, before your trip, you’ve either asked around or done a deep Google search on fun restaurants and activities, especially if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. Keep a list! Then, plan your itinerary in advance. If you plan in advance, you’ll be able to fit in way more activities and sights than if you just waited until the last second or decided spontaneously. This way, if you have extra time, you’ll have a list of places you can choose from!

Write it all down.

Seriously. If you talked to a person when you made a dinner reservation, take note of their name. If there’s a confirmation number for anything, write it down. This trip to Atlanta is local, so I don’t have a rental car or flight, but I’ll definitely be using those when I go to Chicago for work in June.

This PetitePlanner Travel Journal is a serious lifesaver! I went to Europe last summer, and had such a hard time keeping track of restaurants and sights in just a  memo jotter. I definitely won’t go on another trip without bringing this one with me!

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