How To Use a LifePlanner™ Binder

Learn about the new 2020-2021 LifePlanner™ Binder, how to use it and its add-on planning pages inserts, extra note pages inserts and our new 8-ring hole punch!

Before we jump into how to use your planner binder, here’s a short, helpful review of the new LifePlanner™ Binder from author, music teacher and winner of the Plan Your Way to 5K Contest, Sarah O’Brien!

Ready for tips on how to use your biner planner? (While the following is focused on LifePlanners, it can be applied to all of our binder planners. Images are of 2020 planners.)

How to Open & Load the LifePlanner™ Binder

Arrange the LifePlanner™ exactly the way you want in a binder! You can remove, add & rearrange the pages & accessories to fit your schedule no matter how many times it changes! Open and close your binder using the center rings.

Load your planning pages one section at a time. Add new Productivity Note Pages Inserts or Lined Note Pages Inserts to your binder for extra room for note-taking, list-making, bullet journaling, sketching and more! As with any binder, it's best to flip through your book one section at a time.

Pro Tip: For agile & portable planning, only load and carry the active pages you need or want. Use a Planner Storage Box to store your unused pages for safekeeping and used pages for memory keeping!

How To Use Snap-In Accessories in the LifePlanner™ Binder

Enjoy all the classic coiled LifePlanner™ snap-in accessories you love, including dashboards, bookmarks, sticky notes & all! Simply snap them into your binder as you would a coiled planner.

The best part about snap-in accessories is that it’s fun & easy to swap them out and move them around your binder. Snap them out by gently pulling them out and upward.

How To Use Coiled Stickers in the LifePlanner™ Binder

Our must-have classic coiled sticker sheets fit perfectly in both the coiled & binder versions of the LifePlanner™. Simply load your sticker pages leaving one hole free at the top and bottom of the binder rings. New every year, and a fun & functional extra feature included with every LifePlanner™, use these four full sticker sheets to infuse color & excitement into your planning!

Want more stickers? Join our Sticker Subscription Club and get stylish, exclusive & sneak peek stickers delivered to your door all year long! (Currently, only available in the US.)

How To Add Storage to the LifePlanner™ Binder

Add sticky pockets to your binder for extra storage. From extra sticker sheets to receipts, loose paper & more, just stick a sticky pocket to the interior of the binder (in the front and in the back) to store more!

Now that you know how to use, care for & make the most of your LifePlanner™ Binder, have fun setting it up and planning your way to a more organized day!

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