How to Stay Organized On the Go!

Stay organized on the go with our On the Go Folio + PetitePlanner system. Customize the perfect, portable planner that fits your schedule + fun and functional planner accessories that help you keep it all together, in style! Let's take a closer look …

Planny Pack: It’s like a Fanny Pack for your planner!

Fun, functional & tote-ally practical for toting all your writing tools, stickers & other awesome planning accessories WITH your planner. Planny Pack … talk about keeping it TOGETHER!

On the Go Folio: The best way to stylize while you organize!

Luxe leatherette & available in stunning colors, the On the Go Folio holds up to four Erin Condren PetitePlanners or Petite Journals for the perfect powerful petite planning package!

PetitePlanners & Journals: Petite, Portable, Practical … ADORABLE!

Most of us are working on more than one project or plan at a time. For precise-but-easy planning--whether you’re planning your pregnancy, setting goals, meal planning, budgeting & more--there’s a PetitePlanner for that!

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How To Build Your Perfect On the Go Folio Planner System

Plan like a pro on the go with goal-specific PetitePlanners in a stylish On the Go Folio! This is the portable, pretty & practical folio planner system you've been waiting for!

1. Choose up to 4 PetitePlanners and Journals from the New On the Go Collection.

2. Choose a new folio from the New On the Go Collection.

Introducing folios featuring stunning new colors and printed designs perfect for transporting any four PetitePlanners and Journals you like.

3. Insert your PetitePlanners & Journals into your Folio.

Once you’ve chosen your PetitePlanners and Journals, simply insert them one by one into your folio using one loop for each planner or journal.

4. Extend the functionality of your folio planner system with planner accessories!

5. Enjoy portable, precision planning on the go!

Once you’ve selected your favorite PetitePlanners, placed them into your stylish On the Go Folio and accessorized it with organization add-ons, you’re ready for flexible, portable, precision planning anytime, anywhere!

6. Bonus Tip: SAVE 20% when you buy 4+ PetitePlanners!

Ready to choose your fave four PetitePlanners and SAVE?! Build your perfect on-the-go folio planning system here!