Improve your physical and mental health with our seven best self-care tools. Then, get inspired by real testimonials of the power of prioritizing self-care, reducing stress and living your best life.

It’s so easy to let self-care slip under the weight of increasing demands, endless stress & over-stimulation. That’s why slowing down to reflect and reprioritize self-care is essential to everyday and long-term mental and physical health.

We strongly believe in work-life balance and self-care at Erin Condren. We’ve nurtured a company culture around it and created an entire product line of journals and planners that help you prioritize your self-care, health and wellness, live in gratitude and more.

1. Self Care Journal

Invest in yourself and dedicate time to tracking, logging and checking in throughout the week with this must-have Self Care Journal. Dedicated daily tracking spreads are perfect for monitoring moods, sleep & more. It’s time to yourself the priority, and this petite and powerful journal makes it that much easier. 

In her Thrive article Burnout: Survive or Thrive, Michelle Gill, a business strategy & development professional, shares how important this tool is to her self-care routine. 

I recently started using Erin Condren’s Petite Planner Self- Care Journal. The first thing I do in the morning is open this journal and write about what I am grateful for, my mood, my thoughts, and how I plan to take care of myself. Also, it has a weekly tracker, where you can write down self-care goals and check them off daily. It is ok to add structure into care for yourself. This actually really helps me to focus my efforts on taking care of me while also fulfilling my other responsibilities.

2. Wellness Log 

This tool helps you track habits, log results & achieve your wellness goals with six months of dedicated planning, including goal-setting spreads & weekly logs to record your workouts, steps, water intake, nutrition and sleep routine.

3. Gratitude Journal

Did you know that practicing gratitude can improve your relationships and mindfulness, as well as your mental and physical health? Develop an attitude of gratitude and enjoy the health-boosting benefits it offers using the Gratitude Journal. Its prompts, motivational quotes and reflection spreads make it a healthy part of your daily routine (plus it’s great for gifting and paying it forward). 

4. Breast Cancer Treatment Journal

Beautiful & practical, this brand new Breast Cancer Journal is designed to inspire & support you with six weeks of trackers for drain levels, chemo, meds, symptoms, moods, meals & more. This is a tremendous tool for you and your support system to stay on the same page and minimize interruptions in treatment. The inspirational quotes, gratitude spreads & journaling pages help remind you that you are brave, strong, powerful and supported. You can do this.

According to, journaling during treatment can improve one’s focus on positive thoughts & feelings, and reduce doctor visits for cancer-related issues. Some women saw reduced physical symptoms as well.

Throughout the month of October, in honor of the millions of women affected by this disease, we’re donating 50% of the retail price of our Breast Cancer Awareness collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To support the cause, shop the collection of new planners, folios, stickers, stationery & more here.

5. Med Treatment Journal

A petite-but-powerful planning tool, the Medical Treatment Log is designed to help you organize & plan your recovery. Use its color-coded charts & checklists, planning spreads & note pages to log, organize & track doctors, medications, treatments, appointments, expenses, your support network and more. You are MORE than your diagnosis

6. I am Enough Journal

This colorful I Am Enough Journal was created in collaboration with The Kindness Campaign, a nonprofit on a mission to help you know that they are strong, brave, and enough. It features 70+ motivational prompts to help strengthen your self-image, self-awareness, empathy & more. This is also a wonderful tool for teaching kids how to effectively and confidently stand against bullying.

7. LifePlanner™: Proven to Help Reduce Stress

According to, planning is the most effective stress management technique. Reduce stress by proactively planning your day, your week, your year with the ultimate planner for organizing a life well-lived. 

Fun fact: 89% of customers agree that the LifePlanner™ helped them reduce stress; while 88% agree that it helped them improve their life.

Spotlight on Jessica Hughes: The Power of Self-Care During & After Divorce

Mother, personal trainer & blogger Jessica Hughes shares her powerful story of how she uses self-care journals and planners to stay healthy, focused & positive after her divorce.

I have been a lover and user of Erin Condren products for the past several years. Her planners have kept me organized and sane through the growth of my blog and managing two tiny humans. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

After going through my divorce, I needed even more help. Not just in getting organized but in planning my new life out. What goals do I want to accomplish? What am I thankful for?

P.S. This is huge after going through a divorce. It can be dark and scary, and it is SO important to focus on the positives! But how can I stay healthy through all of this? Enter the Self Care Journal, Wellness Log, Goal Setting Journal and Gratitude Journal. All four helped me answer those three important questions and refocus my energy and time.

They also have a great gift for kids, the Kids Planner & Activity Book. My Hudson and Henley loved filling theirs out, and it was so fun and therapeutic working on it together. 

Whatever you’re going through, there are tools, communities, and solutions that can make all the difference. Find what works for you and work it until you get your breakthrough!

For more organization inspiration & helpful tips from our planner community that help you reduce stress, achieve your goals and live your best life, visit our Inspiration Center

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