Our best-selling Monthly Planner (formerly Deluxe Monthly Planner, or DMP) is still as deluxe as it ever was! We simplified the name to Monthly Planner based on customer feedback. Get inspired by how other planners customize and utilize this big-picture planner to get organized, reduce stress & achieve their goals.

1. Budget Planner

You can use your Monthly Planner to set financial goals, track bills, saving & spending, and use the notes pages between each month for weekly budget planning or whatever works best for you.

2. Health & Fitness Planner

“I love my DMP for budgeting, but with the new pages before each month, I am setting monthly health and wellness goals—weight tracking on one side and a monthly fitness vision board on the other.”
- Ryan, A Man with the Plans

3. Ultimate Meal Planner

Use your Monthly Planner to plan out meals for yourself or your entire family with monthly menus, grocery lists, recipes, meal prep & more.

4. Work Planner

Use your Monthly Planner to plan out projects, calendar your schedule, meetings & due dates, set personal & team goals, log accomplishments (great to use when you ask for a raise), the list goes on!

5. Home Planner

Use the Monthly Planner to organize, plan and manage home renovations, home buying, home finances, and it’s great for scheduling household responsibilities among multiple family members and roommates!

6. Organization or Club Planner

During uncertain times, it’s a challenge to keep an organization or club running. Use the Monthly Planner to reschedule events, manage operational changes, log members, organize virtual meetings, track goals, plan for fundraisers, and adjust to the new normal.

7. Volunteer Management Planner

You can also use the Monthly Planner to track your volunteer hours, tasks, events & even organize other volunteers’ schedules if you’re a team leader or manager.

“I love the Deluxe Monthly for its versatility; I use it as a budget planner and … as a secondary planner for volunteer work or goal planning.”
- Amanda, Amanda’s Favorites

8. Extracurricular Activities Planner

When social extracurricular activities start opening up again, the Monthly Planner is perfect for setting extracurricular goals and scheduling practices, games, player stats, performances and events. In the meantime, it’s great for keeping track of any and all changes and planning ahead.

9. Pregnancy Planner

Use this Monthly Planner to track your pregnancy and journal your experience. Stay on top of doctor’s visits, tests, prenatal classes and all things baby! Use the goal spreads and notes pages to track your health & wellness habits too!

10. Memory Book

Add Baby’s picture for each month of his or her first year. Use the Monthly Panner to log and remember milestones or school events, performances, awards, and all the precious memories you and your child will treasure forever.

How will YOU use the new Monthly Planner to plan for tomorrow and enjoy today?