Your most organized year starts here! Elevate the decor & practicality of your home, office, or dorm with the most versatile, customizable wall organization center on the market! From hourly to monthly scheduling, chore charts, menu boards, white boards & more, make this modular, stylish system the hub for your personal, work or family organization!

Its high-quality design, ultra-modular features and multiple layout, color & design options, give you the freedom to create the perfect organization system that grows with your household, classroom & office organization needs. Time to get things done so you can have some fun!


Track multiple schedules with interchangeable boards. Keep everyone aware of important dates & appointments; set the weekly menu; inspire with motivational quotes; keep everyone accountable with a checklist board & so much more!

Use Cases: Different Ways To Use A Wall Organization Center

Customize & personalize your Wall Organization Center with all the magnetic and erasable inserts you need and love! Calendars, weekly & hourly schedules, chore charts & checklists, habit trackers, designer magnetic insert boards & more!

Simply slide one out & slide another in to create the perfect organization system that grows with your household & office organizational needs.

Organize your home office.

Transform blank wall space in your office with Signature Wall Organization Center. Write reminders, notes & quotes, listing to-dos, doodles, sketches & other office items on your magnetic insert board, instead of cluttering your desk with more paper.

Hang letters, key documents, photos, to-do lists & more with this pretty and practical magnet set for your magnetic insert board!

If you need more magnetic space, slide this handy horizontal magnetic strip onto your Wall Organization Center for 13-inches of additional hanging display space.

Organize your kid’s bedroom.

Kids thrive with consistent and organized schedules, and with our Wall Organization Center, you can help build your child’s organization skills and confidence in their ability to manage their schedule more with a kid-friendly and ultra-personalizable organization system of their own!

Organize your classroom or homeschool room.

Elevate the decor & functionality of your classroom or homeschool room by customizing your own class charts, from monthly schedules all the way to hourly schedules, personalized charts for each student to track performance and progress and so much more! See how Jen Mackintosh, homeschool mom of 5, organized her classroom organization center!

Customize yours here!

This fashionable & multi-functional organization hub is perfect for keeping track of student activities!

Hang class assignments on your magnetic insert board, add extra storage for markers, erasers, push pins & more with simple slide-on Wall Organization Center Accessories!

Organize your dorm room.

Dorm rooms have limited space; so, work that wall space! Add more organization and free up desk space with a personalized wall organizer. You can even add your school colors, your name, choose your own layouts and more! You’ll have the freedom to create the perfect organization system that grows with your college career.

The Signature Personalized Photo Insert Board for our Wall Organization Center puts your fave photos front and center, while also providing room for adding a class schedule, project & exam dates, even notes between roommates!

Stylish Wall Organization Center Accessories

Add some elevated practicality to your life with the most customizable and personalizable accessories on the market. Get organized so you have more time to spend with family, advance your career, teach & make a difference!

Wall Organization Center Magnetic strip

Slide this handy horizontal magnetic strip onto your Wall Organization Center to post photos, notes, our designer magnets, small metallic objects & more!

Wall Organization Center Cork strip

Slide a convenient horizontal cork strip onto your Wall Organization Center as a chic way to store decorative push pins or to post photos, notes, instructions, flyers & more!

Wall Organization Center Pencil Cup

Conveniently store all your stylish writing tools in this minimalist-chic pencil cup. Simply pop the cup onto the ledge of your Wall Organization Center & keep all of your organization tools together!

Wall Organization Center Knob Keyholders

Slide this fashionable & functional 3 Knob Keyholder onto your Wall Organization Center and never lose or forget your keys at home or work again! This organization hub keyholder is also a fool-proof way to leave keys for family, roommates, officemates & housekeepers.

Wall Organization Center Magnet Sets

Functional and fashionable mini magnets are the perfect desk or office accessory! Hang letters, invitations, photos, to-do lists & more with this pretty and practical magnet set!

Wall Organization Center Extra Storage Set

Free up more counter, drawer and desk space with this four-piece, slide-on Wall Organization Center Accessories Set. This sleek organization ensemble has a sophisticated black finish & includes four attachable pencil cups to store all your stylish organizational supplies.

Wall Organization Center Accessories Bundle

Accessorize while you organize with this decorative Wall Organization Center Accessories Bundle. This designer organizational ensemble has everything you need to stylize while you organize, featuring colorful wet-erase markers, decorative magnets & metallic push pins!

We are thrilled to have Life in Jeneral's endorsement of our new Wall Organization Center. Life in Jeneral is a lifestyle and organizing company founded by Jen Robins, with a team of organization experts passionate about helping you organize and transform your space so you can live your best life.

Learn what the experts say about the game-changing Wall Organization Center here.

Time to get organized so you can get things done and have some fun!