Kids Planner 101: Features, Benefits & Parenting Tips!

It’s the FIRST ever Erin Condren Kids Planner! The new activity-driven Kids Planner is all about inspiring kids to IMPROVE ORGANIZATION while having FUN!

The Planner Created for Kids & Approved by Parents!

Kids will love the stickers, colorful calendars and creativity spreads. Parents will love how the planner helps kids improve executive functions like planning, organization, problem-solving & time-management!

“One of the things I have tried to share and encourage in my 5 kids is practicing good time management, which is a skill, not some kind of magical gift! And now I have a planner tool to put in their hands to help them practice and build that skill!” - Jen Mackintosh, @jenmackintosh

Kids Planner Features

The Kids Planner encourages creativity and teaches kids that planning can be FUN while helping them develop confidence-building habits like setting goals, scheduling, organization and more!

Fun Activity Pages

12 monthly activity pages engage your child’s creativity & problem-solving skills!

Colorful Calendars for Kids

12 months of undated calendar spreads help your child to learn calendaring & scheduling, routines & responsibility.

"The girls were thrilled to receive their very own planner that they could customize to fit their own personalities! It was a great way to teach my 4 year old about the calendar, days of the week, and number recognition as we put the date stickers on her planner. My 7 year old is using her planner as a way to document her summer activities. I also love that there is a dedicated section to goal planning and a book log!" - Jenielle Chaney, LittleGrayThread

So Many Stickers!

The Kids Planner comes with 12 cool, colorful & functional sticker sheets that teach your child that organization is FUN!

Interchangeable Cover

The Kids Planner comes standard with a “My Dreams Are Out of This World” front & back cover. The FUN part is that it’s interchangeable, and kids can add on customizable covers with new designs & colors they choose, even have their name printed on them! It’s a great way to give their planner a fresh look anytime & keep planning exciting all the time!

Resealable Plastic Planner Pouch

The Kids Planner comes in a resealable plastic pouch to protect the planner from all of life’s messes and spills. Now, your child can stay organized on the go! It’s also great for storing and toting extra sticker sheets & planner accessories.

Benefits of Using the Kids Planner

The Kids Planner is fun, colorful & super useful for organizing homework, chores, extracurricular activities and more! Here are additional benefits it offers kids (and parents)!

Kids stay on track!

The Kids Planner is designed with easy & effective trackers to keep your child focused, organized & on track, including a reading log, goal tracker, allowance tracker and even a savings tracker!

Kids flex their creativity!

Your child will love engaging with the planner’s creative activities, decorative stickers, doodle pages and so many interchangeable covers they can customize with their favorite colors and personalize with their name!

Kids build confidence.

This kids planner is designed with “All About Me” sections to help kids understand themselves and express their unique qualities, goals and dreams. It’s a great way to build confidence in your child!

Kids learn organization is FUN!!

Getting organized by using planning stickers to fill out calendars, logs & trackers, enjoying engaging activity pages & decorating a planner that is all their own is both fun & rewarding!

Kids love planning with new & cool planning tools.

Kids love new, colorful & oh-so-functional planning tools & accessories for three main reasons:

  • They’re great as rewards when your child completes a chore or follows the schedule in their planner.
  • New planning accessories and tools keep planning fresh & fun for your child.
  • Awesome stickers, colorful markers & pens, mechanical pencils, pouches & more are just fun for kids (and you will love how they help your child to keep planning)!

Awesome stickers, colorful markers & pens, mechanical pencils, pouches & more are just fun for kids (and you will love how they help your child to keep planning)!

8 Kids Planner Tips from Parents

It’s never too early to start planning! To help get kids organized, we’ve collected some planner tips from parents around the globe.

1. Try habit trackers!

Habit trackers are an easy way to monitor and reward kids for great routines. With the Kids Planner, you can use habit trackers for everything from allowance savings to the books they read.

2. Add reading to the daily routine.

The benefits of daily reading are significant, including improving language skills, reading comprehension and information retention. Use the reading log in the Kids Planner to keep track of your child’s progress.

3. Stick to a schedule.

Keeping a routine, even when school is out, can help your child stick with organization and benefit from a consistent schedule!

4. Keep kids inspired!

The planner includes inspiring quotes for kids. Post more motivating messages around the house to keep them inspired!

5. Learn how kids think.

“If you really want to know what your kiddo is thinking, get the kids planner! I asked my little one questions that are in the planner and his answers truly surprised me and it gets them thinking.” - Kathy Copcutt, Bel Air Mommie

6. Break up big tasks into simple steps.

Instead of setting tasks that a child may find overwhelming, break them up into simple tasks your kid can do by themselves.

7. Keep kids sharp all year long.

Long breaks from school can lead to learning loss. The Kids Planner is a great tool for making sure your child does light school work during the break to retain what they’ve learned in school and even get ahead of the class!

8. Involve the whole family.

Make sure your child can see the whole family participate in planning, tracking to-dos & enjoying some kind of reward for consistent follow-through. (Remember to encourage your child to track chores in their planner!)

“My son, who is nine years old, is beyond thrilled with his Kids Planner! I think that using the Erin Condren Kids Planner is a fun and easy way to set your child up for success at an early age.” - Lara Scott, @larascottmedia

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