Best Wall Organizer For Your Home And OfficeE

It’s time to declutter and organize, freeing up more space in your home and office (and mind)!

Discover why organization expert Life in Jeneral calls our new magnetic and ultra-customizable Wall Organization Center “game-changing!”

Life in Jeneral is a lifestyle and organizing company founded by Jen Robins, with a team of organization experts passionate about helping you organize and transform your space so you can live your best life.

In her blog post The Game-Changing Wall Organization Center Every Home (and Office) Needs, Jen discusses how you can create your perfect organization system for your unique home and office needs.

Picture transforming empty wall space into your new organization hub for managing multiple personal and professional schedules and projects, hourly to monthly planning, productivity checklists, even personalized whiteboards with your family photos or favorite motivational quotes.

Learn from Life in Jeneral how you can customize your own game-changing home and office organization system.

Life in Jeneral: “This Wall Organization Center can be customized in so many different ways.”

Elevate the decor & practicality of your office with the most versatile, customizable wall organizer on the market! Its high-quality design, ultra-modular features and multiple layout, color & design options give you the freedom to create the perfect organization system that grows with your home and office organization needs.

Select the layout, colors, frame finish, font, even slide-on accessories to create your custom wall organizer so you can get things done, advance your career and have some fun!

Life in Jeneral: “The Wall Organization Center separates itself from other generic organizing systems because it’s personalized and it works for and with you.”

From adding personal photos to favorite quotes to your name, family or company name and more, the virtually endless personalization options of this wall organizer give you the freedom to organize while you stylize your home and office, your way.

Life in Jeneral: “The interchangeable boards truly expand your organization options.”

Choose from over a dozen magnetic, erasable and interchangeable boards—from calendars to weekly, daily and hourly schedules, to-do lists, designer whiteboards with artistic or motivational layouts, and so much more. The Wall Organization Center is whatever you want it to be!

"I love the new Erin Condren Wall Organization Center! It’s the most customizable organization system on the market, and affordable too! It’s beautifully & thoughtfully designed to adapt to your unique organizational needs, without sacrificing style!"

Personalize yours today. Your most organized year starts here!