Ever feel like you have more demands on your time than hours in the day? Good news is you’re not alone. Better news is there are simple time-saving habits you can practice today that will help you reduce stress and be more efficient and productive tomorrow.

3 Easy Ways to Save Time, Reduce Stress & Get More Done

1. Write down your daily priorities.

It’s too easy to lose time to constant digital notifications and endless to-do lists. One way to cut through the noise, focus and save time is by simply writing down your top priorities at the beginning of each day. You can even do so while eating breakfast or commuting to work via public transit or ridesharing to save even more time. Doing so will remind you to pay attention to notifications and demands that advance your priorities and tune out the distractions.

Whether you’re writing in a notebook, planner or on a wall organizer, writing by hand offers relief from digital fatigue and is a simple way to reduce stress, feel more in control of your own schedule and start checking off your to-do list (instead of constantly adding to it).

Remember to stay flexible! As your day progresses, check in on your list to make any adjustments necessary to stay on task and work smarter, not harder so you can get more done in less time.

2. Use a meal planner.

The time we spend thinking about what to eat, meandering down grocery store aisles, cooking, cleaning up or dining out adds up! An easy way to save hours each week (and money!) is to take 10 minutes for basic meal planning.

This easy-to-follow meal planner has weekly menus, grocery lists, planning spreads, recipe sections and more. Even if you only use the menu to plan out your meals for the week and the grocery list to write down what you already have and what you need, you’ll still save precious time every week—time you can use for self-care, socializing, recharging or productivity sprints. Only question is: what will you do with the money you’ll save?!

3. Pick one day each week to set your weekly goals.

Take 20 minutes one day a week to review your online calendar and/or paper planner and set your intentions and goals for the week ahead. Cultivating this habit will help you reduce stress and be more mindful of what’s on your plate, all while worrying less and feeling more in control.

Writing down your weekly goals allows you to get them out of your head and onto paper, with a clear game plan for doing what needs to be done. No more Sunday night anxiety or racing thoughts about what might happen at work on Monday. Instead, you write it down and then enjoy truly unplugging, recharging and relaxing. Besides, there’s nothing like a peaceful night’s sleep to give you a headstart to a productive week!

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