Did you know there are small, simple tweaks you can do to your bedtime routine that can improve your productivity the next day? Here are some productivity tips so simple & helpful that you’ll want to try them today at bedtime!

Remember our post on spring cleaning for our schedules? We’re going to build from those organization tips and add easy, healthy habits to also optimize your bedtime routine for a healthier, more productive tomorrow.

Prepare your meals the night before.

Make sure you and the people you love have healthy meals for the next day. Meal prep can be a relaxing activity towards the end of the day and it frees up time the next day for priority tasks.

Take it up a notch: Use a meal planner to map out your meals for the whole week & save even more time (and money on dining out, driving through & fast food).

Jot down one thing you’re grateful for before going to bed.

If your parents ever warned never to go to sleep with negative thoughts, they were actually on to something! Bedtime is a prime time to cleanse away the stresses of the day with quiet reflection on gratitude. If you need a little help or want gratitude inspiration, try using a gratitude journal with daily prompts to help you identify positive things you may have overlooked. This is a great way to prime your mindset for positivity & productivity the next day. Not to mention focusing on things that make you feel good before going to sleep can improve the quality of your sleep.

Last year, Jennifer Lopez unpacked a limited edition SolBox that included an Erin Condren gratitude journal.

On Instagram, JLo revealed that she gets out her own gratitude journal twice a day. “One of the things I love to do every day is to wake up and write down three things that I’m grateful for,” she said. “I do it morning and night–writing in my journal. It reminds us of all the things we’re fortunate to have.”


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Unplug and escape into a good book!

Research suggests that the light from your phones, TVs and tablets can keep you awake at night. Reading a paper book—both by yourself or with a loved one—gives your eyes a break from the disruptive blue light of electronic screens. And we all know quality sleep helps us perform our best the next day.

Write a letter.

This is a dying art in our digital age, but it is a surprisingly relaxing bedtime habit. (And it feels great to surprise a loved one with a thoughtful, pen-to-paper letter! Getting those are the best!) Just keep your favorite stationery by your bed, and instead of texting or emailing, write a little note. Your eyes get a break & your well-rested mind & body will thank you the next day (as will the recipient of your letter)!

What’s the most important thing you do before going to sleep at night?

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