Here’s a quick (and cool) productivity tip. Ask yourself: what is the one fun thing that always distracts you from getting things done? Then, save that fun thing for last. Call it your dessert activity. Here’s how it works …

Increase Productivity with a Dessert Activity

We all have tasks that must be done—some boring, some fun. Does it matter which order you perform these tasks? Is one way more productive than the other? Yes, and yes! Studies suggest that doing fun tasks first may mess up your chance of successfully completing the boring tasks. If you want to be more productive, check off those boring tasks first, then enjoy fun tasks as your reward!

Organizational expert Adam Grant explains this productivity tip in an article:

“A fascinating or funny video makes the data entry task seem even more excruciating, the same way a sweet dessert makes a sour vegetable taste yuckier… save your most exciting task as a reward for afterward. It’s not about time; it’s about timing.”

What is the one fun thing you need to save for last?

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