Easy Ways to Declutter and Destress Every Day

Fun fact: Planning ahead is proven to reduce stress! With a few simple time-management steps, you can declutter and destress your life more and more every day.

We often struggle with work-life balance because our lives are cluttered. The good news is getting organized comes with a powerful perk: an amazing feeling of relief & empowerment.

Planning is the most effective stress management technique and it gives you more time to do the things that spark joy in your life!

How To Organize and Declutter Your Life

Write down your plans.

With our Wellness Log, you can reduce stress by planning your health and wellness goals, tracking goal progress, steps, sleep and food! Watch it in action!

Savor the moment.

Though tempting, especially when super busy, try not to rush. Savor small victories, tiny triumphs & happy moments. There is joy and beauty all around. Remember to slow down and take it in every now and again.

Take small breaks throughout the day to declutter.

Take a few minutes every hour to tidy your kitchen, bedroom, or workspace. With desk organization and home office organization, your mind will feel clear as well.

Crystallize your vision.

To plan a life you love, you first need a plan. A good plan starts with a clear vision of your goals and how you want to achieve them.

Declutter your budget.

Expenses can get cluttered too! Organize your budget the easy way with the best-selling PetitePlanner Budget Book. With 12 months of financial planning laid out for you, along with handy debt & savings trackers, spending summaries & planning stickers, decluttering your budget will be easy, breezy! Enjoy reducing financial stress, saving money & taking control of your finances!

Avoid multitasking.

Humans are not the best at multitasking. When our minds switch from task to task, we feel like we’re doing them both equally well when we’re really taking our focus off of one task to train it on another. Try using a dot grid notepad, journal or planner to list your tasks. Then, plan out time to focus on each one based on their level of priority.

End the day with gratitude.

Bedtime is a prime time to destress with quiet reflection on gratitude. Try using a gratitude journal with daily prompts to help you identify positive things you may have overlooked. You may be surprised how this simple habit can improve your sleep and set you up for a happier tomorrow!

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