Maximizing Productivity at Work

Juggling it all is never easy, but there are simple tweaks you can make to increase your time management and productivity.

When your personal plans and work deadlines collide in one planner, it's easy to get overwhelmed! Here are 10 simple tips you can use today to maximize productivity in the workplace.

1. Increase productivity at work with a schedule pad.

Schedule Pads are ideal desktop calendars and daily and weekly productivity trackers! Use the "days of the week" sections to log meeting times and task deadlines while jotting notes & making lists in the blank section.

2. Create a "work schedule" space in your planner.

No matter your LifePlanner™ layout, a simple way to improve your productivity at work is to carve out space that is ONLY for work. If you use a Vertical layout, create a section each day for "work"; if you use horizontal, utilize the box for work and the lines for personal life; and for hourly, block off work hours with stickers.

3. Boost productivity by using a separate planner for personal & professional needs.

This may not be realistic for your schedule or budget, but if possible, adding a completely separate planning tool into your arsenal can make things much easier and more efficient! If you're using one planner for multi-purposes, refer to tips 1, 2 & 4 .

Take our planner quiz to find the perfect one for your planning needs (and personality) and take your productivity to the next level!

4. Up your productivity at work with a system to visually differentiate your work schedule.

Whether you LOVE color-coding or sticker strategies, make sure you have a system in place to easily identify what is work and what is not. You want to see what’s on your plate and be able to prioritize it all at a glance, whether it’s your morning meeting, your child's school schedule, or your workout session. Bold visual markers can save you time throughout the entire day; that’s time you can allocate to being more productive!

5. Set aside a specific time to check your phone.

Technology is amazing, but it's also distracting! Even if your workplace has relaxed phone rules, that doesn't mean you have to risk your productivity trying to keep up with all of the notifications. Set specific times to check your phone for messages so you aren't tempted by every text, tweet & alert that pops up.

6. Make a to-do list every single day.

Your to-do list should start with the tasks you MUST get done that day and end with tasks that would be "nice to" get done. This way, you can work through your tasks in order of importance, working smarter, not harder. Careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many items. Keep it simple and prioritize!

Try a To-Do List Snap-In Dashboard for your planner or turn empty wall space into an organization hub where you can track your to-dos and productivity, post important papers and reminders, store your writing tools and more!

7. Motivate yourself!

Did you know that your self-talk directly impacts your mood, confidence and productivity? Try motivating yourself by writing inspirational notes (on snap-in StylizedSticky Notes or compliment cards) and randomly put them in your desk drawers at work or on a later page in your LifePlanner. By the time you find it, you'll likely have forgotten you hid it, and it just may be the day you need it.

8. Increase productivity at work by setting aside time for yourself.

Taking a break every once in a while to reset and recharge can make you more productive at work! Set a timer, and if you haven't moved from your current position in over two hours, take a break. A quick walk around the block, a snack or lunch run, even a few jumping jacks or a brief stretching session … anything that gets your blood pumping and refreshes your mind will reinvigorate you and recharge you to complete your next task.

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9. Check out our other productivity tips!

From time management tips to setting & achieving goals, say yes to your most productive self!

10. When all else fails … coffee!

We know you're working your hardest and making it happen! We believe in you. Grab a cup of java (or tea!) and take a deep breath. You can do it!

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