Budget Planning 101

Whether you're budgeting for a vacation, paying off debt, staying on top of loans, saving for a home or making a budget for your family, set and reach your financial goals with our best-selling Budget Planners!

While we have a collection of budgeting tools, from budget planners to budget bundles, monthly bill tracker dashboards, and more, for this budgeting 101 article, we'll focus on our Budget Book PetitePlanner. This stylish, streamlined, fun, and functional budget planner includes 12 months of financial planning so you can start planning for your most successful year yet! Stay on task and in control with dedicated pages for financial goal tracking, expense and savings logs, weekly and monthly spending and more. Make tracking your money fun with the stunning gold sticker sheet included in the back pocket of this adorable, affordable, and portable PetitePlanner. Here’s to STICKING to your budget, in style!

Budget Book PetitePlanner Features

Keep track of monthly savings and budget for the month ahead with handy, easy-to-follow logs, trackers, and planning spreads. See it for yourself in this video, then get ready to enjoy stress-free budgeting (and more savings)!

Spending Summary

Itemize detailed spending for the whole year with 72 pages of streamlined, color-coded budget planning. You’ll be empowered with a new sense of your expenses.

The Month at a Glance

See the big picture with the month-at-a-glance page and get a bird’s eye view of your spending. Reduce stress by planning for upcoming bills, purchases, and more.

Savings Tracker

Track your monthly savings for that new car, your next vacation, a home renovation or growing your family! Whatever your savings goals are, stay in control and achieve them with this easy-to-use tracker system that keeps a year’s worth of savings in one place.

Debt Tracker

Pay off your debt faster using the Budge Book’s convenient, color-coded Debt Tracker spreads. Stay on top of your balance and payment details for car and school loans, credit cards, medical expenses, mortgages, and more.

Inspirational Quotes

Stay motivated to meet your financial goals all year round with encouraging quotes throughout your Budget Book. The right words at the right time can give you the encouragement and energy you need to make it happen.

Budget Stickers!

Infuse your financial planning with pops of color and make your budgeting plans STICK out! Budget planning doesn’t have to be a chore! Use functional and fashionable planning stickers designed to help you highlight important bills, savings goals, budget reminders, and more while having a little fun.

Budget Bundle

This stylish Budget Bundle has everything you need to achieve your financial goals in style (plus, it’s great for gifting)! From our refreshed PetitePlanner Budget Book to matching stickers, a stylish notepad and must-have markers, say ‘yes!’ to financial success with this bundle of budgeting solutions.

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Start Saving Money Now with These 6 Quick Budgeting Tips

1. Go on a fast-food fast.

A day, a week, a month … however much time you think you can fast from fast food, try it! And every time you opt to cook at home and resist those fast food cravings, pop the money you saved into a jar. Not only will you surprise yourself by how much money you save, but every time you look at that jar, you’ll be encouraged to keep it up!

2. List and eliminate unnecessary subscription services.

Those paid subscriptions can add up —audiobooks, streaming services and app after app. List all your subscriptions and cut out those you don’t need or use and those you can replace with free alternatives (like library apps for free audio downloads).

3. Get comfy with coupons!

There is no shame in collecting coupons! If you’re not convinced it’s worth the effort, try it for just a week and tally how much you save. Then, multiply your savings by 52 to get an idea of how much money you could save a year!

4. Drink water first.

Often when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty. Instead of automatically reaching for snacks and sodas, drink water first and see if your hunger or thirst goes away. More often than not, it will! This simple money-saving tip is also a great way to lose a little extra weight. If you’d like to take it a step further and track your water intake and weight-loss and begin setting and reaching those health goals of yours, try the PetitePlanner Wellness Log.

5. Enjoy cozy at-home fun instead of going out.

How much money do you spend on food and drinks when you go out? It adds up, doesn’t it? Keep that money in the bank and, instead, try game nights (virtual or with your household), watching parties with roommates or online with friends. Get creative and enjoy good times and great savings!

6. Save money and time with meal planning.

How much food do we waste by not knowing what we already have before grocery shopping? Use a fun PetitePlanner Meal Planner to note the food you have in the fridge and on your shelves, and then plan your meals for the week. Afterward, make a grocery list of only the items you need so when you shop, you avoid buying what you already have (cutting down on food waste too). Win, win!

Bonus Budgeting Tip

Discover what's new to our Budgeting Collection, or customize your own budget planner using the Monthly Planner for financial projects. To see how, check out 10 Ways to Make the New Monthly Planner Work for You!